Panic Early, Panic Often - Pam Johnson-Bennett & Kae Allan

Panic Early, Panic Often

By Pam Johnson-Bennett & Kae Allan

  • Release Date: 2017-06-14
  • Genre: Humor


Joi the Two Loons as they continue to careeb down the path of motherhood. In Cookies for Dinner,co-authors, Pam and Kae shared their experiences of early motherhood. If you thought that getting through the diaper wars and succesfully engineering "the potty train" was wild, wait until you read how the Two Loons handle what comes next! Only in Panic Early, Panic Often will you learn what no other "How to be the Perpect Mother" books are willing to share, such as: • How to banish monsters with nothing but a handful of pocket link • How to gain security at Chuck E. Cheese •Unusual Uses for the average household ladder • How to accept your place in the family hierarchy • Why swimming lessons may not always be the best idea • How to graciously accept help from your three year old when going potty • Why you should never take your children to get your tires rotated • How to handle it when your child tells everyone you have gone to jail • How to keep your kids from tellung the world you're an idiot • Why "family" and "vacation" are two words that should never be used together