Beyond Today --  America the Great? How Much Longer? - United Church of God

Beyond Today -- America the Great? How Much Longer?

By United Church of God

  • Release Date: 2017-07-15
  • Genre: Christianity


Beyond Today Magazine -- May/June 2017 -- Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to “Make America Great Again.” America has been and remains great—but for how long? What factors made the nation the world’s greatest superpower? You might find the answers very surprising—because they were foretold in Bible prophecy! You need to understand what the Bible says about the rise and fall of nations—discover the answers in this issue!
-- What Makes a Nation Great?
-- Will America Remain Great?
-- How to Make the World Great Again
-- Is Fake News New?
-- Is Our Mass Media Leading Us Astray?
-- America’s Deep Government Division—Can It Be Solved?
-- Immigration: What Does the Bible Say?
-- Challenges Immigrants Face
-- Artificial Intelligence: The Coming Threat
-- May the Force (and More) Be With You
-- Follow Me: The Ever-Present Presence of the I AM
-- Mini-Study: Jesus Christ, the Greatest Prophet
-- How do I truly know if God is calling me?
-- Current Events and Trends
-- Letters From Our Readers