The Night of Weeping and the Morning of Joy - Horatius Bonar

The Night of Weeping and the Morning of Joy

By Horatius Bonar

  • Release Date: 2017-07-21
  • Genre: Christianity


From Night of Weeping : “For the family of God…the way is rough, and the desert blast is keen. Who of them can say aught regarding their prospects here, save that tribulation awaiteth them in every place as they pass along? This they must know and prepare for, grasping more firmly at every step the gracious hand that is leading them on to the kingdom…Our desire is to minister to the saints in the consolation and admonition of the Lord. We would seek to bear their burdens, to bind up their wounds, and to dry up at least some out of their many tears.”
    From Morning of Joy: “Cut off from a home and a heritage here, yet assured of both hereafter, … [the church] feels as if already seated with Him in heavenly places. Looking forward to the arrival of the King, she anticipates the kingdom. In darkness she anticipates the light; in sorrow she anticipates the joy; in the night she anticipates the morning; in shame she anticipates the glory. Losing sight of the bitterness, she tastes the bridal joy…enjoying sabbath rest amid the tumults of a stormy world.”