The Pain Relieving Power of Herbs and Spices: Using Herbs to Cure Arthritis, Joint Pains, and Other Aches Naturally - Dueep Jyot Singh

The Pain Relieving Power of Herbs and Spices: Using Herbs to Cure Arthritis, Joint Pains, and Other Aches Naturally

By Dueep Jyot Singh

  • Release Date: 2017-08-05
  • Genre: Health & Fitness


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Making Your Own Ginger Grater
Ginger Decoction
Ginger Tea
Changing your lifestyle
How Far Have You Walked Today?
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Use honey as a sweetening agent, instead of sugar. This is the healthiest natural substitute, especially when you are drinking ginger juice.

Three nights ago my eight hours of sleep was interrupted suddenly when I woke up, with an acute burning sensation and pain in my stomach and chest region. For a terrible moment, it was“ golly, heart attack,” until I calmed down and began to think straight. I was down with an acute case of acidity/dyspepsia, whatever have you.

In fact, with dire images of gulping down antacids by the fistful, for the first time in my life when I had always preached against the usage of chemical-based drugs, well, what did I do now, especially at 2 o’clock in the morning?

No, we do not have antacids or painkillers in our medicine cabinet. We practice natural curing, especially when there are so many natural herbs and spices, available right in your kitchen closet to get rid of all the aches and pains naturally. So I got up, took out my skillet, filled it up with water, put a teaspoonful of aniseeds, and another of cumin seeds and then crushed 2 cardamoms. While they were being boiled, I chopped up a piece of raw ginger, and added it to the make sure, because I wanted to get rid of that pain. And ginger is the best natural painkiller ever known to man.

In ancient medicine, ginger was an integral part of everybody’s cuisine, not only as a spice, taste, and hence her, but also because of its curative and antiseptic value. While the water boiled, I went to the fridge, took out a glass of cold milk, added a healing teaspoonful of honey to it – and half a teaspoonful of homemade pure clarified butter to line the insides of the intestines, just in case I was coming down with a peptic ulcer – and gulped it down.

By that time, the water was boiling, but I had already taken some sort of preventive measures to stop the acid in the stomach from doing more harm to the intestinal lining. The moment the water cooled down, I was taking long grateful gulps. With this water, in my other earthenware container, next to my pillow, to be taken when I felt thirsty during the rest of the night, by 3:20, I was back on that pillow, sleeping like a baby.

And no, I did not sleep on my back, which Freud supposedly says is the healthy way of sleeping, because it shows a healthy physical and mental outlook. Fiddlesticks say I. I was curled up like a little baby monkey, with my knees under my chin in a cocoon and my spinal cord curved into a C. That actually is the normal natural way of human beings to sleep, even though doctors and psychologists are trying to dissuade them from sleeping in this manner. If they do not try out any dissuasive stands and stunts, how are they going to sell their antacids?

Next morning, what dyspepsia? What stomach pain? What acidity? No wonder one is so grateful to the knowledge passed down from the old ones who have gone before us, who have used these herbs and spices, so, for all of you out there, reading this book, it is going to tell you about the healing qualities of herbs and spices, especially my favorite ginger, without which I cannot do.