When We Found Home - Susan Mallery

When We Found Home

By Susan Mallery

  • Release Date: 2018-07-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 308 Ratings


Becoming a family will take patience, humor, a little bit of wine and a whole lot of love

After life knocked Delaney Holbrook sideways, she didn’t get down—she got busy. She went back to school, determined to reinvent herself. She even swore off men in suits. But then one particular man in one very fine suit proves too tempting to resist—Malcolm Carlesso, CEO of a family-owned food company. Malcolm’s life has been complicated by the arrival of two half sisters he’s never met…and isn’t sure he wants around. How can Delaney trust a man who keeps his own sisters at such a distance?

Alone in the world, Callie Smith never expected to find a family. Suddenly she’s living in a house the size of a small country with her stuffy and aloof new brother and streetwise sister, wondering whether this place—and these people—will ever feel like home. Just as she’s beginning to get settled, a new opportunity presents itself, daring her to dream of more…until her past threatens to take it all away.

Friends brought together by chance, Delaney and Callie will soon discover the closest families are bonded by choice—not by blood—in this uplifting story from the consistently unputdownable Susan Mallery.

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  • Loved the book, but felt unsatisfied

    By Nuts4reading
    I’ve held off writing a review for this book-I read it a couple weeks ago. As the heading states, I loved this story, the characters, the idea. I really enjoyed it-I just wanted more of the story. As I’ve thought about it, I think my complaint is really for the publishing companies. I follow writers on Facebook and read about them making the 10,000 word mark. I read a lot and romances novels are almost always about 300 pages. I think publishers have a formula for romance novels. I’d rather read a 500 page book if that’s how many pages it takes to finish the story! I wanted to know more about the backgrounds of these characters (the back story) and what happens next...for instance Grandpa & the housekeeper.
  • A Definite Winner

    By chell u
    I loved this book! There was humor, love, and family struggles. A definite read for a summer day!
  • A Touching Story

    By pegg12
    When We Found Home, is a touching story about second chances and blended families. Alberto Carlesso is the founder of a successful mail-order Italian food company and the grandfather to three children, Malcolm, 34, Callie 26, and Kiera, 12. The three half-siblings had no idea that the other existed, until just recently. Alberto Carlesso’s son Jerry was a womanizer. He was good at making his lady friend’s pregnant, but little else. He had no use for children. When Jerry died, Alberto discovered that he had two granddaughters that he’d never met. He’s had his grandson Malcolm with him for years and loved him dearly. Now, he wanted to get to know his other grandchildren. Although Malcolm wasn’t always successful, he did his best to welcome his half-sisters home. The story is about three-half siblings learning to trust one another, grow emotionally, and become a family. This well-written and heartwarming tale is sprinkled with romance, forgiveness, and love. Thank you, Harlequin and NetGalley for my advanced review copy.
  • Great beach read!

    By Tigressdana
    When We Found Home is a great beach read. I took to Myrtle Beach and Carolina Beach to enjoy some relaxation and to leave some of my stress behind by enjoying a great book with the waves crashing in the background. This book is about family, growth, and finding your way. Malcom has to learn to give up some of his control. Delaney has suffered a tragic loss and needs to find ways to move forward. Kiera is trying to learn her way in a new city with a family she know nothing about. Love this book. It has depth and comedy!
  • A moving tale of finding yourself, second chances, and the power of love.

    By Rybecbensmom
    When We Found Home is a moving tale of finding yourself, second chances, and the powe of love. The story follows 3 siblings who recently found out about each other: Malcolm, a successful businessman who should have it all but doesn't, Callie, a young woman who made a mistake and is now trying to learn to live again, and Keira, a 12 year old who has never had a chance until now. They fight preconceived notions, assumptions, and their inability to trust as they learn to love each other and live full lives. Secondary characters Delaney and Santiago also have lessons to learn. I found this book a very enjoyable read and highly recommend it.
  • Family is Unique!

    By Pattimurt
    The transformation of three half-siblings and a grandfather into a loving and supportive family is quite the journey. Malcolm,Callie, and Keira are siblings same Dad different moms. They don’t find out about each other till after the dad is dead. Throw is a couple of romances and you have a great read. Susan Mallery’s book is heartwarming, funny in parts, and emotional. Another great book! Thanks
  • Five stars for When We Found Home

    By jeopary viewer
    Dear Ms Mallory: I have read and enjoyed almost everything you have written, but this is the first time I have been inspired to write a review. This novel is the absolute best you have written. I literally couldn’t put it down. I look forward to reading your next masterpiece!
  • Great family drama

    By Cheryl33610
    While Susan Mallery has been a favorite author of mine for years, I find myself struggling with her women’s fiction books. It’s not the more complex relationships and themes, as I enjoy those (for the most part). It’s the underlying romances that are not capturing my interest or attention. The love lives of Callie and Malcolm, for me, distracted from the main focus of the book, which was the family bonding of Malcolm, Kiera and Callie. I loved watching the blending of three siblings, so very different on the surface, as to how they were raised. But underneath, they were alike in their emotional distrust of family and each other. This is what kept me turning the pages. I liked Delaney, as she was connected to Kiera more so than Malcolm. I wish there was more Alberto and less Santiago, who did nothing for me. Fans of Mallery’s women’s fiction will enjoy this complex family drama, and I hope hose who will not know her romance novels will also give it a try.
  • Susan did it again!!

    By Karen'sKorner
    This is set in the North West with a loving grandfather at the core of the family who is finding the children his son fathered, left scattered and bringing them home. Shows very well, I think, the growth in each sibling as they get to know each other and what family truly means. It wrapped up each story line a little fast for me ( I wouldn’t have minded a longer book!) and I was a little disappointed that Angelina didn’t make an appearance. I would definitely recommend this book. I loved it!!
  • If you like psychological romances, you’ll love this book!

    By Auntsis59
    The storyline line was excellent! The characters pulled you in, and kept you reading. The subject matter was very interesting, like all of Susan’s books. Her psychological viewpoint is excellent. Because of which, her characters really stand out in an emotional way!