Where Pigs Fly - Wendy Meadows

Where Pigs Fly

By Wendy Meadows

  • Release Date: 2017-11-07
  • Genre: Fantasy


In the Nether Edge part of town, a fabulous fundraiser is planned for Bella Donnington, a beautiful yet ailing young woman, who's been wheelchair bound for most or all of her life.  Her best friend, Cassandra, an apartment dweller above the town's Spicery shop, has actually rarely seen her at times before then.  On the day of the party, a good time is had by all….  

Until, Bella's overbearingly protective but caring mother, Minnie, is brutally and mysteriously murdered.

Panic ensues throughout Havenholm, and soon several people are suspected for the crime, including Gwyneth, Bella's caregiver and Mr. Frowd, a reclusive author and Havenholm's de facto local "celebrity."  

At once, Cassy and Dorothy (Dot), her older and curmudgeonly outspoken investigative partner, are knee deep in clues, clashes and crushes; perhaps, nothing a quick potion or small spell couldn't handle.  Besides, finding the killer could mean life or death for everyone involved.