The Unseen Realm - Michael S. Heiser

The Unseen Realm

By Michael S. Heiser

  • Release Date: 2015-09-01
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Score: 4.5
From 120 Ratings


Over 175,000 copies sold.
In The Unseen Realm, Dr. Michael Heiser examines the ancient context of Scripture, explaining how its supernatural worldview can help us grow in our understanding of God. He illuminates intriguing and amazing passages of the Bible that have been hiding in plain sight. You'll find yourself engaged in an enthusiastic pursuit of the truth, resulting in a new appreciation for God's Word. Why wasn't Eve surprised when the serpent spoke to her? How did descendants of the Nephilim survive the flood? Why did Jacob fuse Yahweh and his Angel together in his prayer? Who are the assembly of divine beings that God presides over? In what way do those beings participate in God's decisions? Why do Peter and Jude promote belief in imprisoned spirits? Why does Paul describe evil spirits in terms of geographical rulership? Who are the "glorious ones" that even angels dare not rebuke? After reading this book, you may never read your Bible the same way again.


  • Gems are hidden in plain sight.

    By notes in e
    This book has been a formative reassessment of my biblical narrative. Heiser, who just recently passed has left a massive legacy for generations to break from a disjointed biblical narrative that tells us to gloss over some passages or whole books of scripture. This puts things in right perspective and according to Heiser it’s only a primer. Thankful for him and this and other contributions. See you in glory Elder.
  • Eye opening

    By B.A.N.anas
    Dr. Heiser does an incredible job of helping clergy or laity readers understand the complexity of the Divine Council in scripture and how it applies to followers of Jesus today. Heiser truly reveals how important it is for proper exegesis and how Old Testament study is imperative to better understand the New Testament. This book may be a hard pill to swallow for some believers, but if you can take seeing through the eyes of an ancient Jewish follower of Yahweh I would Highly recommend this book.
  • Stunningly profound.

    By kwp0026
    Superb in every way. Sophisticated biblical exegesis provided throughout this groundbreaking insight into the Biblical reality of the spiritual “unseen realm” and cosmic forces that permeate the worldview of the biblical authors and their intended audience
  • Stunning!

    By dawson_mama
    What a beautiful and refreshing perspective on Scripture! It’s like drinking new water from a fresh mountain stream! And it does proper honor to the whole counsel of God. Thank you Mike for all that you have and continue to do, and to your publishers for getting this content out to the world!!
  • Read it

    By MaagicMike
    #thrilling. I can’t say enough how this has rejuvenated my desire to reread Scripture and apply it.
  • No Better Work!

    By Button65
    Not sure why it took so long for this book to reach me. Oh I know why, God,in his timing he knew when I would be ready and now was the time! Timing? The timing to read something like this is NOW. With all the changes in the world happening with world Govt’s, increase in violence, a pandemic, there is no better time than now to read what is going on and has been going on in the Unseen Realm! A great read but be ready for your Sunday school bible class to get a shake down! Great book for anyone, especially believers!
  • Awesome Book!!

    By John D.73
    I like the fact that Dr. Heiser takes the scripture and dives into the literal meaning of the scripture instead of disregarding the things that doesn’t make sense. This is an awesome read and would recommend it to all who want to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Getting closer to Jesus

    By Luni Lunifyd
    There are many different views when it comes to the Bible. This book helps one to open their eyes to a realm we speak about but have no idea on its background or meaning. Dr. Heiser, is a blessing, and I love the fact the he took the time to give us the Believer what we need to fully get a great start of understanding the Bible.