The Light of All That Falls - James Islington

The Light of All That Falls

By James Islington

  • Release Date: 2019-12-10
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 542 Ratings


The journey that began with The Shadow of What Was Lostreaches its spectacular conclusion in The Light of All That Falls, the final chapter of the Licanius Trilogy by acclaimed epic fantasy author James Islington.
After a savage battle, the Boundary is whole again -- but it may be too late. Banes now stalk the lands of Andarra, and the Venerate have gathered their armies for a final, crushing blow.
In Ilin Illan, Wirr fights to maintain a precarious alliance between Andarra's factions of power. With dark forces closing in on the capital, if he cannot succeed, the war is lost.
Imprisoned and alone in a strange land, Davian is pitted against the remaining Venerate. As he desperately tries to keep them from undoing Asha's sacrifice, he struggles to come to terms with his own path and all he has learned about Caeden, the friend he chose to set free.
Finally, Caeden is confronted with the reality of a plan laid centuries ago -- heartbroken at how it started and devastated by how it must end.

The Licanius TrilogyThe Shadow of What Was LostAn Echo of Things to ComeThe Light of All That Falls
"Love The Wheel of Time? This is about to become your new favorite series." - B&N SciFi & Fantasy Blog


  • Needs more World details

    By todguy
    It is often times complex to a fault, but I find myself interested still in how the puzzle pieces will fall into place. His writing is engaging with character arcs and the politics, and especially ethical questions, but where it is lacking for me is the world-building. I want more detailed descriptions of settings, clothing/armor, food/drink, animals, landscapes, atmosphere, it would really help balance it out I think. Miles Cameron does this really well (though his is a bias heavily toward the warfare side of things - weapons/logistics and armor). I really enjoy how Patrick Rothfuss does atmosphere and food/drink. I just find that I relate more to the characters when there is more of that kind of thing.
  • Holy sh**

    By Beaster001998
    The character development and insane complexity of timeline overlay and connection has put this series in my top 3 without a doubt. I’m still blown away by the ending. No spoilers though, don’t worry :)
  • Pick a story, character or theme…please!

    By reaaly?thisonetoo?
    An over ambitious muddled mess. Incoherent plot lines that barely have any relationship to each other with magical trap doors everywhere that remove all sense of danger or tension as the reader knows every crisis gets resolved with little effort, danger or consequence. You never really care for any character. I knew it was bad when I found that I could go days without picking back up to read. Not sure why I forced myself to plow through to the end. A lame end to a poor trilogy. My biggest regret is that I cannot get the time I spent reading it back.
  • Well done

    By TwentyOne_Grahams
    I can’t recall ever being so sad to see a story end, while also being so thoroughly pleased with HOW the story ended. Flawless execution on tying up a great series.
  • Wow...

    By Alexander Diamond
    Wow. Just wow. In love with this trilogy, masterfully written with lovable characters.
  • Blindingly brilliant and reassuringly complex.

    By fossilphil1967
    I read to escape. Here I became lost in a splendid new world. This is an ingenious and thought-provoking trilogy that will allow you to travel to new realms in a cleverly split timeline.
  • Glad to be done with the trilogy

    By BluesHarpist
    While many of the ideas for this book were interesting enough for me to be glad that I read it, I also sometimes found it difficult to keep reading. This was due mostly to slow plot development (for modern fiction), annoyingly self-loathing characters with lots of emotional baggage, and quite a few predictable “surprises.” My rating system: 5 stars are reserved for books that totally blow me away, or classics that I believe would have when they were new. I don’t give too many of these out, because it’s the highest rating that you could ever possibly give any book on here. 4 stars for books that I would recommend to just about anyone, or, at least, to someone who doesn’t dislike the genre. 3 stars for books that I would only recommend to someone who is fond of the genre. 2 stars for books that I would be hesitant to recommend to anyone at all, but the book was not a total disaster. 1 star for books that I found so terribly ridiculous, or poorly written, that I wish I had not spent time reading to begin with.
  • Excellent!

    By volcrazy
    Loved it!
  • Underwhelming

    By Sick Puppy777
    With a plot that jumps around constantly and characters that feel two-dimensional I can say that I was not impressed with this series as a whole. The convenience of having characters who can both travel in time and shapeshift lends to many confusing and lazy plot points in my personal opinion and many hard “rules” of this universe seem to broken time and again. For a series that uses the word “somehow” over 100 times in its final installment I’m happy to say that I somehow was able to finish it, regardless of the laundry list of faults I have with both this book specifically and the series as a whole.