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  • Extraordinary work

    By sahlson
    This book brings everything to life. The characters, the place, the sounds you would expect to hear, feel alive while reading. I also enjoyed that is was written and reads like it was 1960 again. I’ve heard other say that they didn’t enjoy it due to segregation and old views but in reality, that is how a lot of states in the south still lived. What they’ve missed is how when we have nothing and we are just trying to survive, it didn’t matter what color your skin was. There are real eye opening moments in this book that kept me up, reading till midnight, knowing that I had to work in 4 hours but so engrossed I couldn’t put it down.
  • Amazing book

    By aflyingtifflez
    As usual better than the movie
  • Effortless.

    By Bellaknows1970
    This book flows from start to finish. The movie is very good, but the book is much better. It is amazing how cruel people can be... even as children go one another. This book describes someone who clings to nature to be her friend, finding peace with Mother Earth.
  • No

    By britismeiambrit
    Why’s this little white girl pretending to be native?
  • Really good

    By 68regdavi
    This kept my interest. Certainly loved the ending. Now I want to see the movie.
  • Excellent book

    By cazmir
    This book is full of life. It’s a genuine story full of heart. A reminder that nature is important to keep alive and to appreciate knowing that it is in our very soul.
  • Highly recommend

    By ajijhiuhuaife
    The characters are rich and have layers of complexity that keep you turning the pages. Spellbinding until the end.
  • Awesome story

    By ohmymu
    Couldn’t put it down! Read it in one day and it was beautifully written story of survival, self discovery, and secrets.
  • Beautiful overall feel good book

    By Lilloci15
    Excellent writing and the movie was really good.
  • Wow

    By sullyt9935413
    This is the best book I’ve ever read. There is nothing more to say.