Mend - Chelle Bliss


By Chelle Bliss

  • Release Date: 2018-01-22
  • Genre: New Adult Romance
Score: 4.5
From 89 Ratings


A steamy, gripping standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.
Before senior year, I was forced to move away, leaving behind the only man I ever loved. He promised he’d love me forever. He vowed nothing would tear us apart. He swore he’d wait for me, but Jack lied.
Six years later, when our paths cross again, his broad shoulders, rock-hard chest, and rippling muscles almost make me forget his betrayal. His rugged voice, tempting lips, and sinful smile make it harder for me to deny the feelings I still have for him.  
Now, Jack wants to make me his again, but our past may be too much for us to overcome.
They say time heals all wounds, but the years haven’t diminished my heartache. The only thing that dulls the pain is Jack’s lips caressing my skin as he whispers, “It’s always been you.”


  • Sweet read

    By ledoss
    This story starts with six years of misunderstandings, a regular theme in many romance books. A sweet read, with a “friend” that is not a friend, past and present tribulations, but ends with the expected HEA. The forward is sad and made my heart hurt. Sweet and steamy, a good read.
  • Can I get a refund?

    By Sisterfam
    Terrible story! After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase this book. The characters were underdeveloped and it was like reading my little sister's diary😁 I could only tolerate half of the book before giving up. It lacked any real substance or plot and I've come to the conclusion that the reviews were written by friends of the author. Don't waste your time in this one, even if you find it free!! P. S. Sorry about your father
  • A sweet story

    By Millionreads
    The first half moved along quickly. The second half was a bit slower. There was some predictability to the story, but it was still enjoyable. The end felt a bit rushed, but it did wrap up nicely. I liked Evie and Jack. I absolutely adored Evan. This was a very satisfying read that was low on the drama scale.
  • Sweet, funny and sexy second chance romance!

    By Mom's Cooking The Books
    Mend is a standalone second chance romance that is different than what this author usually writes. That’s not a bad thing, I loved it. This book had me in tears reading her forward. There is so much emotion poured into this book and you can feel it. Jack and Evie fell in love at first sight in eighth grade. They were each other’s first everything, first kiss, first person to make love to. They were each other’s best friend. Evie came from a very strict family and her military father didn’t want Evie with Jack. Her father had orders to transfer to Germany and kept those plans a secret. They told Evie last minute, so she only had a day with a few hours to say goodbye to Jack. They were going into their senior year in high school. They had made plans to be together once they graduated. But the move changed all their plans. Promises were made only to be broken. Hearts were broken. Jack is a successful businessman that started an on-line business in college that has taken off. He and his partner are doing very well for themselves in Philadelphia, but all the success doesn’t mean a thing when he doesn’t have the only woman he ever loved by his side. Jack still has ties to the small town he grew up in as his mother and sister still live on the family farm. He goes back often to help his widowed mother with the farm and his difficult teenage sister Myra. He never thought he would ever see Evie again after she broke his heart, but there she was back in town in the arms of another man. Six years later Evie returns to town with her gay best friend Evan in tow, she has an agenda that must be met. Evan is there to support her and to make sure she does what she set out to do even though it was going to be painful. The last thing that Evie wanted to do was run into Jack, but fate had other ideas. This was such an emotional read. My heart hurt for Jack and Evie. There was betrayal by the very people that you should be able to trust. Friends lied and twisted truths. Secrets were kept, and hearts were broken. Secondary characters were fantastic, there were those that you love to hate and then there are those that are precious like Evan. His character is what everyone wants in a best friend. He would do anything for Evie, even push her to realize she is making the biggest mistake of her life if she doesn’t admit that she is still in love with Jack and to give him a second chance. I am not going to say anymore. There is a lot that goes on, but I don’t want to spoil the journey. If you want a sweet, funny and sexy second chance romance then give Mend a read!
  • Loved it

    By VL1979
    Beautiful read that will have you reading in one sitting. Jack & Evie were high school sweethearts and always knew they would be together forever until Evie moved away and a misunderstanding broke them apart and now years later Jack will do anything to claim Evie. This book had everything, young love, second chances, lies and misunderstanding. Jack & Evie have a love that can never be shattered and it’s a story that will stay with you forever. An amazing read that you have to read. Absolutely love the characters and the ending was perfection.
  • Sweet second chance romance

    By beckera_ann
    This was such a fun, sweet read. I love a good second chance romance, and this one did not disappoint. Jack and Evie fell in love in eighth grade, love-at-first-sight for both of them, and spent every moment they possibly could together. A year before they were to graduate high school, Evie’s father gets orders to Germany and he couple must part ways. They vow to wait for each other, but things don’t always happen the way you plan. Six years later, they run into each other again, and feelings that never went away resurface. Jack and Evie must decide to forgive the past and look toward the future. I absolutely enjoyed this story, and I’m desperately hoping for Cameron’s story.
  • Awesome!! Loved this 2 nd chance romance

    By MSL344
    Wow!! Jack and Evie are such great characters! Their story will make you laugh, cry, and cheer, as you Follow along helplessly, rooting for their HEA. Another winner by Chelle Bliss!
  • Second chance at happiness

    By Rhiltonnm
    This was a heartfelt story. You could feel the emotion from page one to very end. Jack and Evie were so lost with out each other. They both longed for that love that was perceived as lost. This is a second chance at love that had you rooting for a happy ending!!! This is such a feel good story that tugs at your heart strings and also makes you smile. This is a must read!!!
  • Loved this story

    By Racy Carr
    Be sure to check out the author’s note in the book. Found if very touching. Yes I take out time to read the author’s thoughts they put in their books. (smile) Though this book is not as hot and steamy as a lot of her books this is a very touching story. I just loved Jack and Evie’s story. Seems like the universe is trying to tear them apart. So many misunderstands and oh how their hearts got broken. Jack and Evie had been young sweethearts and through lies not of their own it crushed and shattered that young love. It was good to see that love was rekindled when they saw each other 6 years later. Though Evie wanted to fight against it Jack is willing to fight for the both of them. Just warmed my heart. In this book we get to see how some people we meet in out lives can be poison to the soul. Evie and Jack will find this out first hand. Evie has a secret and it could crush Jack. Oh but don’t worry this book does have a very happy ending. Truly loved this story and glad I got a chance to read the book.
  • Beautiful Second Chance

    By Lisa Stinson
    If you have ever read any Chelle Bliss books, I will tell you that Mend is totally different from her other books but only in the sexy times department. This book doesn't have those wild and kinky sex scenes but this book has a deep rooted love, misunderstandings, and second chances. Jack and Evie met in middle school and their connection was pretty much instant. Of course at that time, it was just the young puppy love. But as they went through their high school years, their feelings deepened and became something beautiful that would stay with them through the years. Evie's dad was not happy with her relationship with Jack but this didn't stop them. Before their senior year, she is forced to move to Germany with her parents. Of course these two young lovers vowed to wait just one year until she could come home and they would reunite. Life always has other plans, along with outside forces. Through a horrible act of deceit, these two each believe the other no longer wants to be together. Both are devastated and both handle the situation differently. But after six years of not seeing one another, circumstances bring these two back together. Evie is still hurt for how she believed the relationship ended, as is Jack. But Jack just wants to fight for her and win her back. Evie isn't sure she can look beyond their past but Jack won't give up. He is determined to get back in her heart. How will they handle everything when all the truths are revealed, especially a heartbreaking secret Evie has kept to herself all these years. One-click this beautiful second chance love story and find out now.