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Beyond Today

By United Church of God

  • Release Date: 2018-01-09
  • Genre: Christianity


Beyond Today Magazine -- January/February 2018 --
Can we believe the Bible? With so many criticizing it for so long, is it trustworthy? What does the evidence from history, science and archaeology reveal? It’s about time you heard the truth about what the evidence really teaches us—and it’s far different from what the
critics say!
Inside this issue
-- The Bible: Controversy at the Nation’s Capital
-- Can We Trust the Bible on Christ as the Only Way?
-- A Visit to the New Museum of the Bible
-- Can We Believe the Bible?
-- Does Archaeology Confirm the Existence of Specific People Mentioned in the Bible?
-- What Is Hell?
-- 4 Different Words Translated “Hell” in English Bibles
-- God’s Challenge to Trinitarianism
-- A World in Need of Rescue
-- When Respect Is Gone, Rebellion Prevails
-- The Fear of God: Seven Attributes
-- “Amen. Even So, Come Lord Jesus”
-- Where Are the United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy?
-- Naboth’s Vineyard and a Latrine in Lachish