A God without Religion - Andreas Michael Theodorou

A God without Religion

By Andreas Michael Theodorou

  • Release Date: 2018-01-02
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Score: 3.5
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Every person who believes in the existence of God imagines God in appearance, nature and character differently than any other person. How is this illogical situation possible? The explanation can only be that since there is no real evidence upon which the existence and description of God can be based, human imagination is free to imagine God according to personal preferences and desires. As a result, some perceive God to be a humanlike existence sitting on a royal throne in heavens, others as a fierce warrior continually fighting against Evil and others as a benevolent wise old man ready to listen to individual requests and rush to one’s protection and assistance. There are also other people who perceive God as an unnatural human being with many heads and many arms or as an object with extraordinary powers while some scientists and philosophers regard God as a metaphysical entity, forever hidden and unapproachable. This assortment of visualisations of God resembles the situation which exists in children’s mind after they get introduced to the various characters in children’s stories. These characters are not real, they can take any form or shape that imagination permits, yet in the mind of little children they all appear to be perfectly real and acceptable! Atheists have taken advantage of the lack of evidence and the ensuing confusion regarding the nature of God and quite rightly so, they claim that such Gods do not exist. But they go even further and without bothering to define the concept of God, they claim that God does not exist. This statement is devoid of scientific support for the simple reason that they have not exhausted all options in searching for God in a proper scientific way. And this is where this synoptic eBook comes in.
The believers in the existence of God are given sound scientific evidence that indeed God exists although God’s existence bears no resemblance to any of the widely held perceptions. God is in fact a real physical impersonal entity with characteristics which are necessary and adequate to describe the nature of a deity. The same evidence of course is more than adequate to put an end to the arguments of atheists and silence them once and for all.
The procedure and the approach followed in proving the above statements, consisted of the definition of the concept of God, the full and detailed characterisation of God’s nature, the one for one comparison between these characteristics and the characteristics of Universal Energy and analysis of the conclusions outflowing from this comparison.
The book also contains a point to point explanation of the benefits which can be derived by humanity, if there is a universal acceptance of the theory of equivalence between Universal Energy and the manifestation of God in the real world.
It is my opinion that people who are genuinely interested on the subject and who keep an objective and open mind will readily understand and accept the validity of the proposed theory.