The Official DLAB Training Manual - Robert J. Cunnings

The Official DLAB Training Manual

By Robert J. Cunnings

  • Release Date: 2018-02-02
  • Genre: Study Aids
Score: 4.5
From 126 Ratings


Welcome to the Official DLAB Training Manual: Study Guide and Practice Test. Inside this DLAB study guide, you will find everything you need to increase your overall DLAB Score. 

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Easy to read, this Study Guide gives you a comprehensive understanding of the DLAB test and breaks down each section of the Exam. Follow its directions and utilize the example questions to help build the necessary knowledge to increase your DLAB score.

Finally, test your DLAB knowledge with this fully comprehensive DLAB Practice Test. Gain experience on what to expect on the official DLAB Test with this complete practice exam. Furthermore, the answer key to this Practice Test gives you a full explanation to each answer.

With this Study Guide and Practice Test, you will have everything necessary to pass the DLAB and earn the score you need to advance in the Military's language program.


  • Thank you so much!!

    By awesomerocker3
    This book is like taking the actual test. I just took it not too long ago and felt like I was reading and working on this book all over again. The only thing that’s different from this book and the test is the emphasis section (which does state in the book) that you are going to hear the actual language of Esperanto instead of hearing emphasis of English words. Other than that everything else is exactly the same and I passed with flying colors. If you’re planning on taking the DLAB test please make sure you buy and read this book. 100% worth it
  • Top Notch

    By ㅂParkㅈJuneㅅSaw
    Bought this book after recommended by “GrowingWithAlysa” and “Sherpa Tkd” YouTube channels. While I haven’t yet attempted the practice test, I’m happy with the content of the book in sharing testing conditions, test duration, test section descriptions, basic grammar rules, sample questions and answer explanations, etc. I feel better about coming in on test day after having read this book, than if I were to come in without any insight. Hoping for a high enough score! I highly recommend this book - $10 is a fair price for what you get out of it.
  • Not what I was expecting

    By Johnnyyyyy P
    Must read in order to understand what the test will be like
  • Extremely effective

    By Mvalenz75
    I was pretty nervous about taking the DLAB since my aspirations of being a foreign area officer hinged on me scoring well. This guide prepared me extremely well for the test and I walked out confident in my answers with a score of 128. Have a partner read you the practice test and time yourself per question for best results.
  • Almost perfect

    By Deshawn Wooten
    Very helpful only problem is it doesn’t come in audio and that’s a big part of the test and learning how to prepare but this gives you rules and how to follow them I would recommend this before testing better to have than to go in raw
  • Got my Dream job because of this book!

    By Maneli23
    I was so nervous going into MEPS and taking the DLAB. This book mainly does an amazing job of training you to understand the format of the test. The practice section is good too. I recommend you don’t try and memorize the practice test itself but instead memorize the structure of it. But anyways. It’s an amazing book and I really recommend it.
  • Absolutely Necessary

    By your grand mama
    The test was way more dificult than what i expected and without the preparation this book gave i wouldnt have passed
  • 100% Necessary

    By Pattycakeandbake
    So I first got a 102 on the DLAB. I didn’t know what was in the DLAB even after I’d looked things up on google. I read this the night before I took the DLAB for the second time and ended up getting a 123. It has the EXACT grammar rules that are in the DLAB grammar section. I memorized those rules and never had to worry about time management, which I struggled with the first time. I highly recommend it!
  • Good Prep

    By charwakeup
    Good prep tool.
  • With 4 hours of prep, I improved my score by 14 points!

    By 1868trini
    I was a bit skeptical at first but I gave it a shot. I scheduled my test for this afternoon but did no prep for it. It wasn’t until this morning that I finally bought the book in hopes to better prepare for the DLAB test. I took a little under 2 hours to read through the book even with several breaks in between. Bottom line is the book works as well as you want it to. Although they can’t tell you exactly what will be on the test, this book outlines what exactly to expect and highlights a few tips to get through it. My score went up be 14 points. I don’t know how much better I would have done without the training book but I’m sure it would not have been this significant. There are certain aspects on the test that you would need to familiarize yourself with ahead of time because you have a limited amount of time during the test. The book is cheap enough to give it a try without feeling like your money would be wasted if you did not do as well as you anticipated.