In Pieces - Sally Field

In Pieces

By Sally Field

  • Release Date: 2018-09-18
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 923 Ratings


In this intimate, haunting literary memoir and New York Times Notable Book of the year, an American icon tells her own story for the first time -- about a challenging and lonely childhood, the craft that helped her find her voice, and a powerful emotional legacy that shaped her journey as a daughter and a mother.

One of the most celebrated, beloved, and enduring actors of our time, Sally Field has an infectious charm that has captivated the nation for more than five decades, beginning with her first TV role at the age of seventeen. From Gidget's sweet-faced "girl next door" to the dazzling complexity of Sybil to the Academy Award-worthy ferocity and depth of Norma Rae and Mary Todd Lincoln, Field has stunned audiences time and time again with her artistic range and emotional acuity. Yet there is one character who always remained hidden: the shy and anxious little girl within.
With raw honesty and the fresh, pitch-perfect prose of a natural-born writer, and with all the humility and authenticity her fans have come to expect, Field brings readers behind-the-scenes for not only the highs and lows of her star-studded early career in Hollywood, but deep into the truth of her lifelong relationships--including her complicated love for her own mother. Powerful and unforgettable, In Pieces is an inspiring and important account of life as a woman in the second half of the twentieth century.


  • It was ok

    By MrsLevel
    Some parts of the book were very detailed; others completely glossed over.
  • Not your typical memoir

    By Deni6'4"
    So much more than a typical fluff Hollywood memoir. Honest, probing, thoughtful and truly introspective. Insight into what really is a very complicated life full of trials, tribulations, successes and failures — just like most lives — even the famous ones. Highly recommend.
  • Very Interesting

    Not the carefree Sally I thought I knew! She really bares it all here and that is at times difficult to read but it is her truth and if you grew up watching the flying nun and Gidget like I did then you’ll enjoy this book. We like you Sally, we really do.
  • Engaging!

    By Madame dictionary
    It was a very good read! I’ve always admired Field. I am about13 years younger , but I was a fan from the start! I’ve seen many of her projects, yet some I have not. It was interesting to see inside a Hollywood family- I always thought she was a child actress! I definitely applauded the cast of Sybil! They insured that Sally could do the outstanding work before her! Some directors don’t have the vision needed for complex projects like Sybil was- I still think it’s her greatest work! Burt Reynolds... O M Goodness.... It’s funny how she waited until he died to publish the book.... and her Mom ... and Step Dad.... I would LOVE to meet her... it would be the greatest! Oh ! And I cried- for at the end- her mother dying- we experienced very similar situations. However I talked to my mother years before she died about the sexual abuse of my life. But I’m sure it’s so much more detrimental when it’s at the hands of a parent figure... I’m glad she shared her story- especially how her ART saved her and propelled her forward.... This work was Courageous!
  • Touched

    By MTTGood
    I never write reviews, but this book has moved me. “In Pieces” is composed of the ragged edges that is real life but in it wholeness is as pure as gold. Sally, thanks, you touched my heart.
  • Authentic, moving

    By Cressy19
    Sally Field does in her writing what she has always done in her acting. She has proven to be truthful, vulnerable and inspiring.
  • In pieces

    By Chaidex
    This is a master piece , leaving prejudice aside and writing from the heart.
  • Profound honesty

    By EF Daisy
    Just as you said in the book, when approaching this book I worked on becoming you in my mind. I did my best to read this from your eyes. In doing that, I found you hurting, insecure and always searching but able to somehow rise above and be the wonderful actress you are. I hope that this book was as cathartic to you as I felt it should be and that now you are able to look back with a clearer eye. I truly enjoyed reading this memoir. Thank you.
  • A Truly Worthy Read!

    By A. Bug
    There were times I felt unsettled , discomforted, slightly judgmental, yet engaged and empathetic throughout! Thank you for your honesty and candor spun with sensitivity & clarity! Your life story reminded me that truth is harder than lies and of such greater value as we grow into the measure of our creation!
  • Thank you, Sal

    By SnillocRetsel
    I’m at a loss for words to describe my reaction to those words which, thankfully Ms Fields was able to find for this precious book. If I may address you: you have always made yourself seem so accessible to me, to us your viewing audience. We felt we knew you and that you were near perfect. But it turns out we didn’t know you at all. You could have left us with that illusion of a perfect life. Instead, you bravely bared your soul and for that I would like to thank you. Reading your book helped me; I hope it helped you as much to write it. Now that I have read your book, I no longer think you had a perfect life but you have wrestled it to the ground perfectly.