The Plot to Destroy Democracy - Malcolm Nance & Rob Reiner

The Plot to Destroy Democracy

By Malcolm Nance & Rob Reiner

  • Release Date: 2018-06-26
  • Genre: World Affairs
Score: 4
From 93 Ratings


A provocative, comprehensive analysis of Vladimir Putin and Russia's master plan to destroy democracy in the age of Donald Trump.

In the greatest intelligence operation in the history of the world, Donald Trump was made President of the United States with the assistance of a foreign power. For the first time, The Plot to Destroy Democracy reveals the dramatic story of how blackmail, espionage, assassination, and psychological warfare were used by Vladimir Putin and his spy agencies to steal the 2016 U.S. election -- and attempted to bring about the fall of NATO, the European Union, and western democracy. It will show how Russia and its fifth column allies tried to flip the cornerstones of democracy in order to re-engineer the world political order that has kept most of the world free since 1945.

Career U.S. Intelligence officer Malcolm Nance will examine how Russia has used cyber warfare, political propaganda, and manipulation of our perception of reality -- and will do so again -- to weaponize American news, traditional media, social media, and the workings of the internet to attack and break apart democratic institutions from within, and what we can expect to come should we fail to stop their next attack.

Nance has utilized top secret Russian-sourced political and hybrid warfare strategy documents to demonstrate the master plan to undermine American institutions that has been in effect from the Cold War to the present day. Based on original research and countless interviews with espionage experts, Nance examines how Putin's recent hacking accomplished a crucial first step for destabilizing the West for Russia, and why Putin is just the man to do it.

Nance exposes how Russia has supported the campaigns of right-wing extremists throughout both the U.S. and Europe to leverage an axis of autocracy, and how Putin's agencies have worked since 2010 to bring fringe candidate Donald Trump into elections.

Revelatory, insightful, and shocking, The Plot To Destroy Democracy puts a professional spy lens on Putin's plot and unravels it play-by-play. In the end, he provides a better understanding of why Putin's efforts are a serious threat to our national security and global alliances -- in much more than one election -- and a blistering indictment of Putin's puppet, President Donald J. Trump.


  • The plot to destroy democracy

    By AlineART
    Sounds a title for a contemporary time, but wait! That is a title hijacked from a book written by Jewish Pharisee Paul of Tarsus when he persecuted the followers of Jesus. Why am I reviewing this book in light of that time, because truth is accused and charged as a lie. The Truth is distorted and turned into deceptive tells. There is a plot to destroy America and replace it with a pseudo democratic society. A socialist culture that promotes a drone society of equality dumb-downing the brain with pseudo intellectual thought challenging 2000 years of historical evidence of Truth. Read this book and the read Masters of Deceit that I read in high school American History along with communist manifesto, and the Federalist Papers to fully understand what is the real conspiracy.
  • Straight up propaganda

    By wreckyoself
    It amazes me at what level a political party will do to discredit and silence people voices. The citizens of America have voted and elected a president. If your party didn’t win than maybe you should rethink your platform.
  • Interesting theory~if history’s any teacher not as far fetched as one would hope.

    By bhakti
    I hope this book is not true but growing up in a political family that has been in the America’s since before the American Revolution, it would not surprise me. Our founding fathers wrote endlessly about the dangers to democracy. More chilling to me than the book, is how all the one star reviews are obviously written by the same hack. Somebodies worried. Perhaps a Russian bot whose favorite epithet is meathead.
  • Great

    By hldnoqtr
    Truthful and concise. If you are a Trump die hard supporter, you probably will not like it.
  • A Must Read

    By Gonzo1967
    Excellent and required reading for true patriots. Wake up America! This author is brilliant
  • Attention right wing nut jobs!

    By Poetic Mastery
    God forbid you actually see and accept the truth! If dictator Donnie gets his way that’s precisely what our country will be a dictatorship with Donnie at the head of a totalitarian regime. Can you say North Korea? Can you say hereditary trump dictatorship? I didn’t think so all of you are to blind to see the writing on the wall!
  • The Plot to Destroy Democracy

    By GVisgilio
    Subtitle: Meathead writes!
  • Malcolm Nance

    By GrandmaKayc
    He tried to warn us with the Plot to Hack America! No one listened! Read this book and it tells you exactly what we’re faced with now! Buy this book
  • Interesting and Current

    By Maj Grubert
    As political events unfold, this work helps them make sense. While its difficult to follow the varied plot lines simply by watching the news, Nance defines why these persons under investigation just might be guilty.
  • Booooooo

    By Loding.......
    The worst thing ever