10 Bed-Time Stories in Spanish and English with audio. Spanish for Children - Frédéric Bibard

10 Bed-Time Stories in Spanish and English with audio. Spanish for Children

By Frédéric Bibard

  • Release Date: 2018-02-12
  • Genre: Foreign Languages
Score: 5
From 9 Ratings


Bilingual Short Stories in Spanish and English for Young Readers

Introduce your children to the joys of reading while helping them improve their Spanish and English proficiency at the same time. This book is perfect for kids between ages 8 and 12 and is designed to boost language skills, enhance the imagination, and pave the way for a life-long love of reading.

10 Fun and Engaging Stories

Featuring a wide array of enjoyable themes, parents can rest assured that the material in this book is highly suitable for children.

Written in Parallel Text to Boost Comprehension

Each paragraph is written in both Spanish and English ­– first in Spanish, followed by its English equivalent. You can also read the stories in Spanish only or in English only, which is perfect for bilingual children, whether native Spanish or English speakers!

With Audio to Improve Listening Skills

The stories are recorded in two ways, with an English version narrated by a native English speaker, and a Spanish version narrated by a native Spanish speaker. The audio is designed as a perfect supplement to help readers learn the correct pronunciations and improve their listening skills in an enjoyable manner.

Not Just for Children – It’s Great for Adults, Too!

This book is suitable for children, but adults can also enjoy it. Whether you are looking to improve your Spanish (or English) with a fun method or you are simply in it for the joy of reading a short story, this book is great for adults.

Technical Details

10 short stories
50 pages
Total of 120 minutes of audio (60 minutes of English, 60 minutes of Spanish)

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  • Easy to Use

    By Posh_was_here
    This book was amazing for babysitting especially since it can be read or listened to in English and Spanish. Not only does it improve the kid’s reading skills but also their listening skills for Spanish. My kids learned new words and have a basic understanding of conversational Spanish now.
  • Fun and easy way to learn Spanish

    By Ananya B
    "Wow! The format of this book is just amazing! I loved how this book has both English and Spanish audio for the stories. Great for kids who want to learn the Spanish language and also for parents who want their kids to be bilingual. The stories are perfect for young children or even adults who want to learn Spanish. I would highly recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a fun and easy way to teach or learn Spanish."
  • Great for anyone

    By 694598s
    I like listening to the story in English and Spanish. It helps me with my listening skills and with pronunciation of Spanish. The speakers are very clear and it is easy to follow along. There are paragraphs in Spanish and in English so you won’t get confused. It is a good book for anyone at any level of English or Spanish.
  • I recommend this audiobook!

    By Luqi Huang
    The book is made up of 10 small stories and the storylines are close to daily life which are completely logical and more interesting to children. The stories are short, about five or six minutes, so they can be easily read in no time. Also, those stories are written in simple and commonly words which makes it easier for children who are learning a new language to follow as well as learn standard pronunciation. With English and French versions of the vocal reading, the sound is naturally and emotional which is the most satisfying part for me.  So, I would recommend this audiobook!
  • Awesome Way To Learn Spanish

    By Sebastian_jr
    "The English to Spanish book and audiobook is fantastic. We loved all of the short stories because they were full of fun and adventures. And they were short! This makes them great bedtime stories. We also use them during the day to practice our Spanish and English. The sequential English to Spanish paragraphs makes this very easy. However the best part is the audio book. The audio book is just like being read a story but has the additional benefit of being read by native speakers to help learn the proper pronunciation. I highly recommended the fun short bedtime stories for both kids and adult English and Spanish learners."