Rise & Fall - Wendy Meadows

Rise & Fall

By Wendy Meadows

  • Release Date: 2018-03-23
  • Genre: Cozy


There's magic in the air, in the small town of Havenholm.  There's also a new player in the magical spice game, in the form of a new shop in town.

And Cassandra Dean doesn't like it, not one bit.

As poor Cassy starts losing her regular customers to the latest, and bigger, spice shop that's rolled into Havenholm, she decides to get to the bottom of the place's rising success…until two of the mysterious shop's customers turn up dead. Now, in addition to her growing jealousy over the competition, her lackluster love and social life, and her ever-growing curiosity, Cassy has not one, but TWO murder mysteries to help solve.  But, even with her spice shop co-workers, Dot and Patty, as well as Havenholm's crack deputy (and Cassy's crush), James Jones helping her with the cases, Cassy could be on the wrong track.

Could these murders be for real?  Or, are they the result of some lame hocus pocus?