Rhyme - Lexy Timms


By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2018-04-20
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 691 Ratings


Music is what feelings sound like.

Olivia Dane, a hard-working lawyer, has just been dumped by her fiancée. To make matters worse, he did it via text message. Deciding to drown her sorrows at a local pub, Olivia is intent on forgetting about men altogether. Instead, she's going to focus on her career, and if she plays her cards right, she might just make partner at her firm. 

It isn't long before her plans are completely derailed by an irresistibly sexy stranger who guides her to a dark corner of the bar. This gorgeous alpha male isn't your ordinary man. It's Logan Graham, lead guitarist of the insanely popular Scottish rock band. A man used to getting anything he wants, whenever he wants it. 

What starts out as a wildly passionate one-night-stand quickly turns into a far more complicated relationship when the curvy lawyer discovers that the bad-boy rocker is her newest client. To make matters worse if she doesn't win the case he'll lose everything he's worked so hard for. 

And there's even more trouble on the horizon when Olivia boss discovers her new relationship and threatens to destroy her career if she doesn't give him the one thing he's always wanted - her. 

Warning: This is a steamy romance story that includes adult content suitable for readers 18+ 

Hard Rocked Series:





  • Ryme

    By Girl Bobby
    Okay, I tried to keep reading but when the main character (female lawyer) was saying the singer took advantage of her I was disgusted. Didn’t happen and to start off with a lie made me stop reading it.
  • Forgettable

    By AsunaYui88
    I hate that Olivia’s last name changes randomly. The story was a little weak and lacking. I’ve read better books from this author. Not one I’d read again and not worth buying the sequels.
  • Rhyme

    By Pins4
    Loved the book. Sorry it ended. Feels like you know the characters so well. Thank you!
  • Don’t waste your time

    By Zulu113322
    I Hate the main character and that she is so weak in character that she would let someone sexually harassed her repeatedly without doing anything to stop it. Being a professional myself, I would walk away from a job in a heartbeat if it meant being able to look at myself in the mirror. She repeatedly let someone manipulate her while doing nothing to stand up for herself. All woman should be ashamed of how this character is portrayed.
  • yikes

    By Harrystylessbitch
    The story line was okay but honestly needed to be proofread multiple times before being published. The multiple typos and gramatical errors were very hard to overlook. Also, the main character’s last name changes throughout the book from Dane to Michaels.
  • Could not finish

    By romantixz
    Not well written. Story line was not believable at all.
  • Constant mistakes

    By MrsR129
    I keep trying to read books by this author, but the typos and character name mistakes are really getting to me. The story lines are great if you can overlook the errors. Not even to chapter six and Logan has already called Olivia by the wrong last name. This is just one major error, not including all the spelling mistakes in the first four chapters. It’s just distracting. Not just in this book but in her other books, as well.
  • R

    By dtest666
  • LP

    By LillyPaige
    I disagree with ugh please i think you may have the wrong book she was never fired nor did she sleep with her boss i think you may need to give the series a reread.... The book was quite good tho it was loaded with spelling n grammar errors. Had me on the edge of my seat in some sections not wanting to put the book down to actually get some work down lol. I’d say give it a read and form your own opinion.
  • Greensburg

    By Beary Nice Puns.
    It was suspenseful and dramarific. Perfect for people who think they have stability in their life.