Reckless at Heart - Zoe York

Reckless at Heart

By Zoe York

  • Release Date: 2020-06-02
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 584 Ratings


He's a grumpy silver fox who's about to become a grandfather, and she's the sunshiny young midwife who wants babies of her own…

Owen Kincaid knows how hard it is to have a kid when you're still a kid yourself, and eighteen years after the fact, the paramedic watching his daughter go through the same thing. The last thing she needs is him falling for the new woman in town—her midwife.

Kerry Humphrey finds her new client's father...unsettling. He's tall and brooding and always there, hovering in the background of appointments. And then there's the crackle of off-limits chemistry every time they're alone. She hates that, too, but Pine Harbour is a tiny place, and avoiding the young grandfather-to-be in a town of six hundred people and a single Main Street proves impossible.

Everything about their attraction is ill-fated. But it won't go away. 

Fall in love with the Kincaids of Pine Harbor in this sizzling start to a brand-new small town romance series from New York Times Bestselling Author Zoe York.


  • Reckless at Heart

    By Trena10
    The book is full of too many love scenes.I prefer a more wholesome book.
  • Nice and easy reading

    By Bandy Tx
    I really like the character development and the plot was clear and expressed from the beginning !
  • Reckless At Heart

    By Jen G F
    ARC for honest review with no compensation Reckless at Heart is book 1 in the Kincaid of Pine Harbour series by Zoe York and totally not what I was expecting...but oh so good! Owen Kincaid became a father at eighteen, married now divorced, looking forward to being a bachelor after his daughter, Becca graduates in a few months and goes off to college except...the words he hears are not “I been excepted” but “Daddy, I’m pregnant”...history repeating itself, but when he meets her mid-wife Kerry sparks fly... Kerry Humphrey, mid-wife take on new client Becca but what she doesn’t expect is a hovering, grumpy and all to attractive father and while sparks fly between Kerry and Owen he is off limits to her until after Becca is no longer in her care. Such true to life story, responsibilities, decisions, chemistry and life changing experiences are just part of what happens in this book...
  • So happy to be back in Pine Harbour!

    By ZMomMN
    Oh how I have missed Pine Harbour! I am so happy we are back there and getting the stories of the Kinkaids. I loved these two from the beginning. They were so mature about the situation they found themselves in with Becca’s pregnancy and Kerry being her midwife. I have to admit I was a little concerned how it was going to come together at the end. I was afraid it was going to be rushed because I was getting close to the end but Kerry and Owen were not mended up. It came together perfectly though. I want more of these two!
  • Thumbs Up!!

    By Jbean168
    This story was great and getting to know Owen & Kerry was fun. Owen’s situation broke my heart at times and Kerry is so perfect for him. Kerry was also a rockin’, independent woman who knew her heart and what she wanted out of life. I LOVED that! This story is a slow build, sweet, sexy and fun story. Can’t wait to read the next story!!
  • It’s only the beginnings of a fantastic series...

    By Klebeau1
    I love a beautiful small town romance..... Owens world comes crashing down around him when he gets the news that his 18 year old daughter Becca is pregnant. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. He’s put his dreams on hold for years. For the birth of his daughter, when he got her mother pregnant when he was a teen himself, to raising his four brothers when their parents died. Now was supposed to be about him. But it’s time to step up and be there for his daughter and her baby just a little longer than he planned. He just didn’t plan on the reaction his body is having to Becca’s midwife Kerry. She’s gorgeous and totally off limits. How will Owen ever stay away? Kerry loves her sweet new patient Becca and her hot sexy dreamy father. Whats not to like? Well except from his brooding personality. It’s easy to see Owen has the weight of the world on his shoulders. How will they ever make this arrangement work? Could it ever be more? I love the easy banter and the super steamy encounters between Owen and Kerry. I can’t wait to hear more from The Kincaids of Pine Houbor! “I voluntarily received this arc book for an honest review”
  • Standing O for Owen and this new series

    By Cheryl33610
    Pine Harbour holds a special place in my heart, so I was understandably excited when I heard there was a new series set in this small town. Owens book is the perfect kickoff to the Kincaid brothers’ journeys and honestly, is going to be hard to top. Reckless at Heart is all about crossroads in life and how the grow and change from where we think we’ll see ourselves when we reach it, to what reality is actually like. Owen thought he’d finally reached the point where his “great bachelor plan” could be put into action. His last 18 years have been spent caring for the daughter he had when he was a teen, so with her presumably off to the next stage in her life, his plan can come to fruition. But the universe laughs when one makes plans, this time in the form of another teen pregnancy. While Owen vows to be there for Becca, he has to clamp down on his own disappointment. Enter Kerry, a woman who Owen is instantly attracted to...who turns our to be Becca’s midwife! The guy cannot catch a break. Kerry is equally attracted to him, but between his rampant grumpiness, seemingly aimed at Kerry, and the conflict of interest, Owen is off limits. At least at first. But Kerry is at her own crossroads as well, which run parallel to Owen’s, with no intersection in sight. One of my favorite things about Zoe York’s books, especially the small town romances, is her ability to create characters who live lives that the reader can identify with on a personal level. The woman who was a teen mom, the mom who’s daughter just announced she’s pregnant at 18. While billionaire, CEO and Seal stories are great...and York writes those awesome books, as well...there’s nothing like a story that features everyday people, living their everyday lives, but with that twist that shakes them up. I loved the interpersonal bonds between father and daughter, brothers, friends and lovers in this story. The dialogue, the humor, the love and the heartbreak flow easily from the pen of one of my very favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more from this family!
  • No bad boy here, just a real man

    By Contessajj
    Some authors can make their characters so true to life, their “feels” are your feels, what could be mundane you follow with bated breath. Welcome to that story. Oh, how I wish I knew a man as strong and sensitive and sexy as Owen Kincaid, but he also has deep hurts. Or as hard working and selfless as Kerry, but has she put off having her own life too long. When soulmates meet they have to make it work. Even if it takes months, even if it seems impossible, right? Spanning a period of more than a year this book brings us into sexy friends with benefits, devastating heartbreak, and a tear worth HEA. I can’t wait for more from the “Canadian Hemsworths“.