Wonder Woman by John Byrne Vol. 2 - John Byrne & Dave Cockrum

Wonder Woman by John Byrne Vol. 2

By John Byrne & Dave Cockrum

  • Release Date: 2018-07-10
  • Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels


As Wonder Woman settles into her new life in Gateway City, battling villains and disasters alike alongside the mysterious superhero Champion, an ancient shield is stolen from the museum of antiquities and the Earth�s crust shifts by a mile! Discovering a connection between these two events, Wonder Woman seeks the help of the world leading expert in geology and underground exploration, Cave Carson! Wonder Woman returns from her globetrotting adventures only to be attacked by Cheetah. Can Wonder Woman save the corrupt soul of Barbara Minerva before her feral persona destroys the Amazonian princess? Most terrifying of all, a sudden illness strikes Wonder Woman and her Amazonian sisters, turning them into stone. Now, it�s a race against time to save herself and the Amazons before it is too late! Writer and artist John Byrne (Superman, X-Men, Fantastic Four) continues his epic tale of the Amazon Warrior! Wonder Woman by John Byrne Vol. 2 collects the classic stories from Wonder Woman #115-124 and Wonder Woman Annual #5-6.