The Charm of You - Jennifer Probst

The Charm of You

By Jennifer Probst

  • Release Date: 2018-08-17
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4
From 99 Ratings


It Takes Three Simple Steps To Make a Guy Fall in Love with you…
Let the game begin... 

Presley Cabot has come a long way from the overweight, awkward college student who fell hard for the gorgeous track star, Nolan Banks, only to be humiliated after their one night together. Now, she’s one of the billionaire badass owners of LWW Enterprises and has everything she’d ever wanted in life, leaving her past behind.
But when Nolan comes back into town, and doesn’t even recognize the girl he once destroyed, she decides to invoke her own personal revenge. The plan is simple—make him fall hard for her, then dump him. She transforms herself into his perfect woman using three simple steps to spin her web.
But she never planned on getting caught up in old feelings…and new promises…
Nolan Banks leaves Wall Street behind to open up a brewery in his small college town. Finally ready to carve out his life away from the dreams of his family, he never expected to find an immediate attraction to the sexy corporate mogul who challenges him at every step. He falls hard and fast, determined to show her they’re meant for each other, until the truth of their shared past shatters their fragile foundation. But Nolan is playing for higher stakes, and he’s not about to let Presley walk away without a fight. Can he convince her his feelings have nothing to do with the game rules, and everything to do with the woman she is?
Praise for Jennifer Probst:
For a sexy, fun-filled, warmhearted read, look no further than Jennifer Probst!”—Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author
“Jennifer Probst is an absolute auto-buy author for me.”—J. Kenner, New York Times bestselling author
“Jennifer Probst knows how to bring the swoons and the sexy.”—Amy E. Reichert, author of The Coincidence of Coconut Cake
“Jennifer Probst never fails to deliver romance that sizzles and has a way of tugging those emotional heartstrings.”—Four Chicks Flipping Pages
“Jennifer Probst’s books remind me of delicious chocolate cake. Bursting with flavor, decadently rich . . . very satisfying.”—Love Affair with an e-Reader


  • Great Read!

    By Michelda19
    Light, funny, steamy, and a great story line. Perfect read to escape and enjoy while sitting at the beach.
  • A Sweet Revenge

    By PattiA810
    I don't typically enjoy revenge plots but, I do enjoy Jennifer Probst so I went ahead and read this book. And, I'm so glad I did! It isn't a mean and painful revenge Presley has planned for Nolan. It turns out to be a plan that backfires from the initial goal and Presley and Nolan tentatively move forward with their relationship. This is actually a sweet and seductive story that you won't be able to put down.
  • “The Charm of You” is EVERYTHING!! I literally read this in one sitting!

    By dcjayhawk
    My heart is so incredibly full right now, I can’t even put into words how incredible this book is! I felt feels that I’ve never felt before and didn’t even know existed. 💗
  • Revenge or forgiveness

    By Mblteach
    A second chance to overcome a heartache or revenge. Presley must decide if she can rise above the humiliation or seek revenge against Nolan. Jennifer takes you on this journey of payback or forgiveness. Good book.
  • Spoiler alert

    By Susanmcqusie
    Presley Cabot is a confident, beautiful,self-made billionaire. When she was in college, she was an awkward and overweight and had a serious crush on golden boy Nolan Banks. Presley gives her virginity to Nolan and it ends in humiliation. Ten years later Nolan moves back to their college townhouse open a bar, where Presley has headquartered her multi-national company. Once Presley hears about Nolan’s return, she plans revenge with her friends. The plan is to seduce and dump him. Because Nolan is a hero of the story, what happened in the past was not what it seemed. Bottom line, Nolan was roofied by his frat brothers and didn’t remember having sex with Presley. She overhears the frat brothers joking about the encounter and is crushed thinking Nolan was in on it. Once everything is revealed, the author seems to gloss over what happened to Nolan. The frat brothers facilitated what in essence was a rape (he was incapacitated and couldn’t consent). That really bothered me.
  • My heart just skipped a beat or two with such love!!!

    By Queenzany
    My heart just skipped a beat or two with such love!!! My heart is just overflowing with love!! GOD!!!! The Charm of You is on my list of best reads for 2018!! Give a girl a break Jennifer Probst! I’m just a mush of utter love here!!! So full of the feels I can't stop gushing over it! GASP!!! Just out of this world perfect!!!
  • Fun, sexy, second chance romance

    By mj_toth
    I enjoyed this fun, sexy second chance romance. Presley is stunned to learn that Nolan, her college crush, is moving back to town and opening a business. She was humiliated by Nolan in college and now is a successful business woman yet seeing Nolan brings back all those bad memories. Her friends coach her on a revenge plot to get Nolan to fall in love with her then break his heart. Nolan is blown away by this amazing woman that walks into his bar. There is something about her that draws him in and he knows that he needs this woman in his life. The road to revenge is never easy but it was so much fun to experience. As Presley struts her stuff, we get flashbacks to their time together in college and learn that they did connect but hearts were shattered. Is there any way Presley can forgive Nolan? Will they find that spark again and a chance at happiness?
  • The Redo

    By Agent$$$$
    Everything came easy to Nolan Bamks. Sports, friends, women....everything. He worried so much about the good in his life, that he often wondered when it would all end. On the other hand, Presley Cabot worked extremely hard for everything she had. When her best friends finally talked her into "letting loose", they end up at a frat party. There Presley sees Nolan, her crush from class. Although they're friendly, there are no shared romantic feelings on Nolan's part. But after a few drinks and more, Presley finds herself being led into Nolan's room.... Fast forward several years....Presley has returned to her old college town as a successful billionaire. She and her girlfriends are owners of LWW Enterprises. Nolan has also returned, after leaving a lucrative yet unfulfilling job on Wall Street, to open The Bank. The Bank is his dream and he's been perfecting his brews for years. When Presley finds out Nolan is back, she and her friends hatch a plan to get back at Nolan for his lousy treatment of Presley at the frat party. Let the games begin....until they're no longer games. Unbelievable, yet believable. Curvy, then fit. Insecure even when highly successful....Presley was every one of these and more. She was torn between who she was, who she became, and how she "thought" she was perceived. She couldn't seem to mesh all these facets of herself into someone she could love or feel worthy of love. Through Nolan's support, love, and persistence, Presley slowly comes around only to suddenly break up with Nolan. I absolutely loved Presley's grumpy, without coffee side. Although Nolan had no recollection of his mistreatment of Presley, he certainly makes up for his previous actions. This was an inspirational story of how one can overcome personal struggles to become their best self. Be kind to people because Karma is a "b". I also loved the "golden boy done wrong" twist!!! I can't wait to read more about Presley's girlfriends. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
  • Revenge is not always sweet

    By vea116
    I loved this story of Presley Cabot who triumphed over her insecurities and weight..... it did she really? When Presley finds out her college crush is back in town she decides to exact her revenge. However, revenge is not all it seems and Presley quickly rediscovers her surprised crush has become more than a crush and blossomed into love..... but will her revenge plot destroy her chance of true happiness. I really liked Nolan, and this book was funny, witty, and definitely thought provoking. What I really enjoyed was the plot twist especially since it had me drawing conclusions before the big reveal. I’m really happy with the ending and I love the confident Presley Cabot, but this book shows her real vulnerability and fears which we all have and keep hidden. I also loved that Presley wasn’t your typical size 2 heroine and more closely portrayed the ‘curvy’ girls in society. Jennifer Probst never disappoints. She is one of my few one-click authors all the time.
  • Revenge, Seduction and Second Chances

    By DMS267
    Despite being a smart, beautiful & successful businesswoman, Presley Cabot always had one huge regret in her life and he just moved back to town. Everything came easily to golden boy Nolan Banks- he was a rich, handsome athlete and Presley adored him. Until the night he devastated the shy, overweight girl by sleeping with her on a bet. When she hears he’s opened a bar in town, a plot takes shape to seduce and discard him as payback for the humiliation he caused. Her plan to play hard to get and leave him wanting more works all to well and Nolan is soon drawn in by her sexy style & sassy mouth. The problem is, Presley begrudgingly finds herself falling for him all over again & wondering if he could love the awkward girl hiding beneath the glamorous surface. Nolan is all charm & determination as he pursues Presley and works to prove his love for the “real” her. Their biggest challenge is overcoming the hurt and misunderstandings of the past to get a second chance at the love that was stolen from them. This book put a cute, new spin on the rom com movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” with a tip of the hat to “Sweet Home Alabama” as well. It’s a fun, cleverly written love story with plenty of sweetness & spice.