The Palace of Lost Memories - C.J. Archer

The Palace of Lost Memories

By C.J. Archer

  • Release Date: 2018-10-09
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4
From 1,252 Ratings


From the author of the USA Today bestselling GLASS AND STEELE series comes this captivating new FREE fantasy featuring magic, court intrigue, a strong heroine, and a slow-burn romance.


"It captured my imagination and curiosity so deeply that I could not stop reading until the end." ~ ★★★★★ reviewer Patricia.

"enticing, engaging, and magical." ~ ★★★★★ reviewer love2readbooks.

The king's magnificent palace was built in a matter of weeks. No one saw the builders, no villagers are allowed beyond the gilded gate, and only one servant has ever left. The haunted look in her eyes as she was recaptured by the palace guards is something Josie, daughter of the village doctor, has never forgotten.

For Josie, the palace is a mystery that grows more intriguing after she meets the captain of the guards, a man known only as Hammer, as mysterious and captivating as the palace itself. Whispers of magic fuel Josie's desire to uncover the truth, but an ordinary girl like her can only dream of ever being invited inside.

When the king decides to take a wife from among the eligible daughters of the noble families, the palace gates are finally thrown open and the kingdom's elite pour in. In a court where old rivalries and new jealousies collide, the king's favorite is poisoned and the doctor is summoned. As her father's assistant, Josie finally sees inside the lavish walls, but she soon learns the palace won't surrender its secrets easily, for not a single resident, from the lowest servant to the king himself, has a memory from before the palace existed.

In the search for the truth, Josie is drawn deeper into danger, and the answers she seeks might shake the very foundations of the kingdom.


  • The Palace of Lost Memories

    By Cinkan
    This was a wonderful story building up and then it abruptly ended. This is why it’s a four-star and not a five. It would’ve been nice to be let down more gracefully at the end with a slight build up of a story that encourages us to buy book 2. I know the author wants us to buy book two but needs to understand the investment we have in Book One’s story.
  • Great Beginning

    By Anne42Jane
    I thought this was a great beginning! I loved Josie and enjoyed following her as she gets to know the residents of the palace especially the Captain of the Guard. The Mystery was also well written and very intriguing. I was a little bummed that although one of the mysteries of the book was solved the main one was not it continues on in the next book. Having said that I am greatly looking forward to the next book in this series!
  • Great read

    By jcgrnbrt
    Hope to read entire series
  • Best book I’ve read in a while!!!

    By SaharDesert
    I could not seem to put this book down. The slow building passion between the captain & Josie is absolutely riveting. The mystery of the lost memories and who the poisoner was had my nose stuck in the book every chance I got. Absolutely love!
  • The Palace of Lost Memories

    By AmyK7451
    This book was very interesting. It had many twists and turns and ended way to soon! CJ Archer does a good way of weaving the characters and plot together. I had trouble putting it down at night! I look forward to reading more from this author!
  • Great!!!

    By Vilekris
    Great book. Keeps you on your toes the whole time. Lots of twists and turns. Easy, fun, enjoyable reading
  • Enjoyed it

    By ibobo07
    I binged this book in two days I couldn’t stop reading I just wanted to find out more. I’ll be buying the next book!
  • 😍

    By #ilovebooks😜
    Loved it! It was awesome! You should totally read it!
  • Amazing! Such a page-turner!

    By jlauren36
    I will be buying the next book and starting it ASAP! This was such a good book. Be ready to get lost in the world of Josie and not want to leave it to return to the real world!
  • It was amazing

    By SAVAGE KID 81
    Amazing! The storyline is cool, and the characters are very well designed! Josie and Dane practically stick together the whole time, quite sweet.