Crushing - T.D. Jakes


By T.D. Jakes

  • Release Date: 2019-04-16
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 4.5
From 227 Ratings


Follow God's process for growth and find hope in life's darkest moments with Bishop T.D. Jakes's uplifting stories and advice from his own faith journey.

In this insightful book, #1 New York Times bestselling author T.D. Jakes wrestles with age-old questions: Why do the righteous suffer? Where is God in all the injustice?

Bishop Jakes tells crushing personal stories from his own journey -- the painful experience of learning his young teenage daughter was pregnant, the agony of watching his mother succumb to Alzheimer's, and the shock and helplessness he felt when his son had a heart attack.

Bishop Jakes wants to show you how God uses difficult, crushing experiences to prepare you for unexpected blessings. If you are faithful through suffering, you will be surprised by God's joy, comforted by His peace, and fulfilled with His purpose. Crushing will inspire you to have hope, even in your most difficult moments. If you trust in God and lean on Him during setbacks, He will lead you through.


  • A good read

    By ranpamwood
    I throughly enjoyed this book. The author encouraged my spirit. When I began writing it my life was in a transition. As I continued to read I became aware of what The vintner was doing in my life.

    By jsh27$
    Just what I need to hear for this stage in my life. Incredible read! You will not be disappointed!
  • Great read!!!

    By Lis.Amazing
    One of the best books I’ve read! This book put so much In perspective. I have been through so much in my life and and through reading this I’ve been able to understand why. It’s given me new perspectives on so many different things!
  • Crushing

    By dafsy
    This brings you back to the love of God and points to the eternal depth of his love. It makes you run into God’s arms and lean against seeking his forgiveness for not seeing his great love. This book changed my view of God, my relationship with him, and my view of my calling. Thanks so much for writing this book! Lynn Fraser
  • Great Book...until

    By Danny226
    I was intrigued and brought in to this book and it’s lessons, until around chapter 5/6 and it turned racial and describing how we should feel bad for all the bad things we’ve done...etc. such a shame. Really tough to see a minister continue to flame racial fires, this is a so divisive and counter to the message of Christ.
  • Transformative and Soul Inspiring

    By Jake Coggins
    What a magnificent and worth it read. I must admit, my favorite portions are when Bishop Jakes spins a known passage of scripture in a way you never thought of it before. This book is inspiring, instructional, and anointed. I encourage anyone in leadership to read this book! It will equip you with some great confidence that could come in great use now and the future.
  • Life Changing

    By jag1511
    Everyone can benefit from the perspective this book offers.
  • Amazing!!

    By A.K. Legacy
    I was led to purchase this book before it was released. I read a few pages and would put it down. If I would have consistently read the book when I first got it I probably wouldn’t have made many of my emotional decisions toward the end of 2019. But I’m so glad that God’s grace is sufficient. The crushing is not the end!!
  • Very repetitive

    By Trav reads
    This book could have been 150 pages but it just kept dragging on with the same message on every page.
  • Poignant

    By H for Happy
    Our entire ministry studied this book this summer! #worthit