Dangerous Choice - Barbara Freethy

Dangerous Choice

By Barbara Freethy

  • Release Date: 2019-03-06
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 220 Ratings


"Wow! I truly loved reading this book! DANGEROUS CHOICE is a captivating, sexy and thrilling story. It grabs you from the beginning, wanting to know what happens next." Doni - Goodreads

FBI Special Agent Diego Rivera is searching for his family when a clue leads him to a quaint Colombian village, which suddenly erupts into violence. Diego is caught in a shooting and discovers an explosive family secret.  

Tara Powell comes to Colombia to look for her missing friend. When the village priest who's supposed to have information for her is gunned down, she finds herself entangled with Diego, who is on a personal mission of his own.

Danger follows Tara and Diego from Colombia to the US, and it's not clear which one of them is the target. As they search for the people they love, shocking details emerge. Will their fierce loyalty blind them to the truth...or will their trust in each other save them?

Don't miss this thrilling action adventure romance from #1 NYT Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy. For fans of Jayne Ann Krentz, Nora Roberts, Laura Griffin and Sandra Brown.

Note: THE FBI SERIES takes readers on thrilling, romantic, and suspenseful adventures! While an overarching mystery plays out over the first five novels, every story stands completely on its own and there are no cliffhangers! The books feature complex and exciting storylines ranging from kidnapping to organized crime, terrorism, and espionage. Personal stories often play out against a bigger, broader storyline, and surprising twists will keep you up all night. Start reading today!

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What the readers are saying…

"I loved all the twists and turns in DANGEROUS CHOICE. Tara and Diego work so well together, and the chemistry between them is intense! Once I started this book, I just couldn’t stop! I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!" Mindy - Goodreads

"Dangerous Choice is a clever blend of mind games and breathtaking emotion. I felt the story come alive and twist my stomach into knots, but never did I even think about walking away." Isha - Bookbub

"Loved Diego and Tara's story in DANGEROUS CHOICE. Full of action, intrigue, love and honor. Friends, family and friends who are family. Thrilling adventure across the globe. Another excellent Barbara Freethy novel." Carol – Goodreads

"Barbara Freethy is a master at romantic suspense. This series has been one of the best I’ve read. The characters are realistic and well formed. The action grabs you from the first page ad keeps you interested until the very end." Pam – Goodreads on DANGEROUS CHOICE

"DANGEROUS CHOICE has everything, romance, suspense and lots of action. Can’t wait for Flynn’s story. Barbara Freethy just gets better and better!" Linda - Goodreads


  • Not a leisure trip that’s for sure!

    By KLowe1985
    Oh how I love the Off The Grid: FBI Series by Barbara Freethy and Dangerous Choice does not disappoint. The FBI agents that are featured in the series are agents that formed a tight bond during FBI Academy and it seems that recently things are happening to each of them. In Dangerous Choice FBI Special Agent Diego Rivera is in Mexico looking for his mother and brother that he had not seen in years, all using a tip from a fellow Special Agent. Diego ends up in a shooting at a church along with a fellow American teacher that he helps flee the violence and they end up in a world of trouble including a gang and possible human trafficking, something neither of them would have expected. Dangerous Choice follows their search for his family and her search for her missing friend but in the end they come up against more violence, a possible traitor and also a touch of possible romance.
  • Dangerous Choice

    By mel082363
    This was just as great as all of the other books in the series. I really liked that it explained how they were all connected by Vincent. I love all of Barbara Freethys books!
  • Fabulous Story!

    By cmatinale
    I just love this series! FBI agent Diego Rivera has been searching for his mother and brother and get information that sends him to a remote town in Columbia. Tara Powell is searching for her best friend, a tour guide in Columbia who has gone missing. They’re both happen to be at the same church to talk to the Father Manuel and see if he can help. He’s late for mass and tells them he’ll talk to them after the service. Shots ring out and Father Manuel is killed! Now the fun begins! Barbara Freethy writes a beautiful, edge of the seat story, full of intrigue, mystery and romance. This is my favorite FBI series! Can’t wait to read the next book!
  • Exceptional Book!

    By LoveDachshunds
    Dangerous Choice is exceptional! I liked the chemistry, action, and suspense. It’s a fast-paced story from the beginning. The action was constant to the end. The mixture of suspense and romance was perfect. I enjoyed all the characters, both new and returning ones. I thought it had a great ending. I’m excited that this isn’t the end of the series, and can’t wait to read Flynn’s story.
  • Dangerous Adventures in Columbia

    By Mpomper514
    Another amazing story by Barbara Freethy. This is the fifth book in the Off the Grid: FBI Series. Don't know how she does it, but each book gets better and better. Diego just completes a mission in South America. He takes a few days leave and goes to Columbia to a quaint village to try to continue his search for his mom and his brother from whom he was separated from when he was only 13. Even with all his FBI contacts he was never successful. Hopefully the tip he got from a fellow FBI agent will finally pay off. Enter Tara, she is in the same quaint Columbian village trying to find her missing friend. Both were given a tip to speak to the village priest. Each were told it had to wait until after the service was over. When gunshots ring out Diego grabs Tara's hand and the chase begins. They stay together as a team, and face many perils first in Columbia and eventually back in the U.S. The question remains - are they being chased because of Diego or because of Tara? Loved all the twists and turns. So happy to have the whole group together helping each other. The strong bonds of friendship are amazing. If you like adventure with many twists in the plot, then you'll love this book.
  • Dangerous choice

    By pudge48
    Another awesome book. Can’t wait for the next one. Pudge48
  • Phenomenal Series

    By Moosech
    Wow, what a fantastic read. This was such a great book. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. The author grabs your attention at page one and keeps it all the way to the end. This is such a page turner that you can’t put down. She leaves you wanting more page after page but totally satisfied at the end. I look forward to reading anything this author writes.
  • Dangerous Choice

    By Jen G F
    ARC for honest review with no compensation Dangerous Choice is book 5 in the Off the Grid: FBI series by Barbara Freethy. This is such an amazing series you will want to read and reread it!! Tara Powell has traveled to Colombia in search of her missing friend, Bethany and has been led to Father Emmanuel for answers... Diego Rivera, FBI agent on a so called vacation also comes to Colombia to search from his long lost mother and brother who he hasn’t seen in over 13 years and is led to Father Emmanuel too. Sitting behind Tara at the church mass they watch as the priest is killed and others are injured. He grabs her and they run into the church cemetery away from the gunfire but somehow they are fired upon there also...now Diego is not sure if the shooters are after him or Tara. What happens next will keep you guessing.... This book has it all...suspense, drug cartels, more FBI agents, friends, family, answers to long ago questions and so much more! What a page turner, edge of your seat and roller coaster ride to find out who wants revenge?? Can’t wait for the next book in this series!!!!
  • Action packed!

    By IAGram
    Dangerous Choice by Barbara Freethy is the 5th book in her Off the Grid:FBI series. Although I have enjoyed all of the books in the series, this one was especially good! Special Agent Diego Rivera is searching for his mother and younger brother when a “hot” tip takes him to a small town in Columbia. Tara Powell, a teacher, ends up in the same village looking for her best friend who has been missing for over a week. So of course they both end up needing to talk to the same priest in the same small church. When he is killed while performing mass, Diego and Tara run out of the church together into the church’s graveyard. Diego stumbles across his mother’s tombstone and is shocked to learn she remarried and has been dead for years. A gunman attacks the pair in the graveyard, and they flee again into the thick vegetation. Finally they make their way back to the hotel only to find Tara’s room ransacked. Deciding that it is much better to stay together they pack all of their belongings into Diego’s car and head to the bar to see if they can find out anything about the priet’s death. They don’t find out much, but being attacked when they leave the building has them running for their lives. And that’s just the first three chapters! I had a really hard time putting this one down and read it in 2 days! Didn’t get much of anything else done! Dangerous Choice is full of twists and turns, plenty of action, and connections you won’t believe. It was a great read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    By Ellen/Oceanside
    Village of Cascada did his mother and brother walk thru these streets at one time. With another hope, a lead, of many he has had in eighteen years. The priest, asking for a moment if he knew of her, replying with Camilla, you don’t know ? Shots fired, and the priest was dead. Fleeing to the graveyard with the American he saw earlier. Looking at the grave stones with the name, was it real, she was dead before he started to look for her. It also showed the connection to the drug cartel.Another shooter, was it aimed at Tara or Diego. Was her friend and his brother connected and working for the mafia. He was a FBI agent he needed to get his head in the game, who was the shooter, and to keep them safe. Once again the author has given a tense plot that includes families, friends and the loyalties they had to them. The action includes the drug cartels, shots, being chased, and with an attraction to each other. She draws in the other characters from the previous stories. Her plots leave us with an. unusual ending and wanting more. GivenARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.