Spark of Passion - Lexy Timms

Spark of Passion

By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2018-10-09
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4
From 774 Ratings


I wish my head could forget what my eyes have seen…

Two years after running a black ops mission in Syria, Dane Morrison is struggling with PTSD while serving his Aspen community as a fireman. Though many around him can tell that something is wrong, there is only one person who can pull him out of the fire and make his life better.

Interior designer Cheryl McKinney is trying her best to get life back to normal while mourning the death of the father of her unborn baby. Even though she has the support of her best friend, Delilah, an apartment fire will show her how alone she really is, that is until a handsome fireman offers to help.  

A Burning Love Series

Book 1 – Spark of Passion

Book 2 – Flame of Desire

Book 3 – Blaze of Ecstasy


  • I have a

    By Akel1606
    I can get you a good time at home and let me know when I can reply
  • So good

    By Tiki_O
    I really loved the story of this book, but hate that it ended already! Haha. I want to read more!
  • Great read

    By Daytona Christian
    I like the firemen rescuing the single mama. Sexy, hot & need to keep looking at cover for , hero. Sigh. Unfortunately, I will not pay $7 to read 500 pages to finish the series. I need 1000 for that price . This my 2nd book by Lexi Times. I hope to find 2.99 for 250 pages. I really like her writing. Review by Ledlady. Can’t change the name on this thing
  • Sssllllooowwwww

    By Bluedoggy72
    I kept waiting for it to gain speed but it kept drawing everything out. I love Lexy’s books but this one was a no go.
  • Not a stand-alone

    By MissTaterMay
    This is what I’m gathering to be the first book of 3. It’s a decent free story. But sadly it drags on a lot, and leaves you hanging needing to buy the next book for the beginning of the rest of the story. I don’t get these. You give the first book for free, a long winded, kind of whiny and not all THAT in-depth or interesting story, then you want me to pay an additional 7.98 to get the complete story. Like I said it was decent. Long winded, trying to make the story longer and all that to be able to get 3 books out of the story I’m sure. But it was not well edited and definitely not worth just shy of $8.00. In my opinion this is better off a free book, with the second and third book being 1.99 each. That’s just the quality of the story. Or condense it down to 1 book, like it should be in my opinion, and charge 3.99. But all of this is just my opinion. I am not at all a professional. But I read a LOT and enjoy helping up and coming or authors that aren’t big time yet. I’ve found beautiful stories and characters and authors that way. Just didn’t find that here for me.
  • Unfinished

    By straighttalker198
    This is a sham of a book. This was a waste of time, only to get to the end of the book with no conclusion. If this author was trying to make a series, at least the book could’ve been a complete story. The series could’ve contained multiple stories about different characters. Yet this book didn’t even conclude one story. Still haven’t read a book by this author I liked or got a 5 star rating.
  • Spark

    By Ceenstars
    This book is extremely hard to read. Formatting and structure makes it hard to follow and understand the story. I wouldn’t recommend.