Studies On Darwinism & Genetics - Giovanni Lo Presti

Studies On Darwinism & Genetics

By Giovanni Lo Presti

  • Release Date: 2018-10-06
  • Genre: Life Sciences


The structure that supports the Universe is the Unicum: a unique phenomenon that reveals itself only once and in different forms, codified in the four Fundamental Laws of Nature, among which electromagnetism is the most meaningful expression for the living and the most qualifying one for our species. 
The Universe, which we are part of, is ruled by the uniqueness of its phenomena, for no event can repeat itself into other events, but only in its own uniqueness.  Everyone is unique and different from other types of uniqueness. Different uniquenesses (cells) create an individual, who is, therefore, the product of various and different cellular uniquenesses that are mutually connected. Different individuals who have a unique protein structure give birth to a species that, as the product of protein uniquenesses, is unique itself. For this reason, its original uniqueness does not allow it to evolve into a different species.
Reality is integrated in a conventional Time-Space dimension, which is equivalent to itself, hence an existing being, as inert (matter) and dynamic (life) electromagnetic energy cannot be subject to Darwinian evolutionary processes, integrated in a time that does not exist. The existing being has to be considered, indeed, as a transitory phase from the potential state to the dynamic one under different forms, because electromagnetic energy, which is the essence of the matter, dynamically expressed by life, always remains the same, even in materials of different forms. Form does not have an effect on substance, because it is nothing but a mental representation used to give a conventional identity to the matter. Since there is no intellect without life, intellect is a qualifying aspect of universal electromagnetic energy, which expresses itself through brain structures codified in the DNA of every individual. For this reason, an intelligent person is intelligent because he or she was born intelligent. One cannot become smart through evolutionary processes, which are not permitted in nature, where the Unicum rules.