Signs - Laura Lynne Jackson


By Laura Lynne Jackson

  • Release Date: 2019-06-18
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 4.5
From 301 Ratings


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A renowned psychic medium teaches us how to recognize and interpret the life-changing messages from loved ones and spirit guides on the Other Side.

“A collection of incredible stories . . . that speak to the universe’s endless capacity for magical moments.”—goop

Laura Lynne Jackson is a psychic medium and the author of the New York Times bestseller The Light Between Us. She possesses an incredible gift: the ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed, convey messages of love and healing, and impart a greater understanding of our interconnectedness. Though her abilities are exceptional, they are not unique, and that is the message at the core of this book. Understanding “the secret language of the universe” is a gift available to all. As we learn to ask for and recognize signs from the other side, we will start to find meaning where before there was only confusion, and see light in the darkness. We may decide to change paths, push toward love, pursue joy, and engage with life in a whole new way.

In Signs, Jackson is able to bring the mystical into the everyday. She relates stories of people who have experienced uncanny revelations and instances of unexplained synchronicity, as well as others drawn from her own experience. There’s the lost child who appears to his mother as a deer that approaches her unhesitatingly at a highway rest stop; the name written on a dollar bill that lets a terrified wife know that her husband will be okay; the Elvis Presley song that arrives at the exact moment of Jackson’s own father’s passing; and many others. This is a book that is inspiring and practical, deeply comforting and wonderfully motivational, in asking us to see beyond ourselves to a more magnificent universal design.


  • Emotional and uplifting book

    By allieg4646
    Many tears of sympathy and smiles of hope filled my face throughout reading this book. No one is safe from death but this book reminded me that that is the beauty of life.
  • Eye-Opening

    By LAChick2019
    This is such a beautiful collection of stories from The Other Side. It’s hard to read if you’ve never personally experienced anything like this. I’ve opened my mind to the possibility of connecting and even baked a cake for my grandmother today (she passed away 15+ years ago). Keep an open mind and have hope. Couldn’t put the book down!
  • Wow

    By Nasiel srq
    Just what I didn’t know I needed
  • Alot of stories at the beginning

    By Moniegee
    Other people’s experiences with signs. I pushed through, Good book.
  • Skipped 90% of the book

    By Vargas96
    She told too many stories in my opinion. I wanted to know more the how and she kept telling stories like okay we believe you just get on with it. Save your money
  • Love!

    By raiden2017
    This book is amazing!
  • Hands down AMAZING

    By #jamilynn
    I even put off reading at times throughout, JUST because I didn’t want it to end!! I was told I should read this book.. and wow I’m not sure if the author wrote it for me or what but almost every story told , I had a strong connection to
  • Signs

    By GodisAwesome2me
    Absolutely incredible. Loved
  • Remarkable

    By Mo-mos Funky HIt list
    I found this book looking for answers myself. Laura is pure, authentic and truly moving.
  • Powerful

    By Kahane1
    It was my first experience reading this type of book, but oh my goodness I couldn’t get enough of it, I loved every bit of it and Laura, that I went online to search for her next reading place and bought a ticket. This book was a mind change for me, it thought so much. Thank you Laura, I’ll be seeing you!