Martial Arts: The Mind / Body Link - Lor Mun Mak

Martial Arts: The Mind / Body Link

By Lor Mun Mak

  • Release Date: 2018-10-20
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
Score: 4
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In order to stop your opponent in a fight you have to affect them. The best way to achieve this is to attack their mind. By finding ways to break the opponent’s mind, their body ceases to have a driver. The aim of this book is to investigate mind weakening strategies to build advantage.
There are six main ways of attacking the mind:

1. affect their senses
2. internalise their thought process
3. affect their emotions
4. deny them time
5. deny them the ability to measure you
6. activate the primitive defence response

In battle your mindset is typically focused on attack and defence, between weapons and targeting for the win. If you are good at self-defence then things should rarely get to the battle level anyway. You could think that applying solely physical strategies as a failure to see the bigger picture of battle. Your natural focus is on doing the other person some harm to gain that good feeling of being in control. Remember that your martial art has to keep you safe in very unsafe situations. Take a well-functioning group attack where they collectively believe they are more powerful than you are, but break this belief and the group dynamics will crash in front of you long enough for you to escape. If you think you can rely on technical stuff in battle then you are going to disappointed more often than not in your glory years.

Now who hasn’t had an instructor tell them that you have to ‘get the job done’, but what does that even mean when you know you are missing skills? In some ways it is a statement that sends people off on the wrong track, by training so hard too soon, that the solution is to give up. Yet again, the best goals are always simple ones and the best is just dismantling the opponent’s intentions towards you, just like a magician taking advantage of the audience’s blind spots.