KENT TEST: Maths - Marilyn Shepherd


By Marilyn Shepherd

  • Release Date: 2015-08-15
  • Genre: Science & Nature


The Revision Series: 11+ Sample Test Questions and Answers for the eleven plus Maths test.

This comprehensive guide for the Maths section of the 11+ has been created with the sole intention to aid anyone with their preparation during their 11+ assessment. The 11+ test is a great way for grammar schools to determine whether pupils are 'suitable' to enrol at their school, which is why any pupil who wishes to attend a grammar school, must undergo and pass the 11+ test. With the help of our guide, pupils will be able to boost their chances of success by undergoing lots of practice questions, specific to the Maths section of the assessment. Complete with examples, tips and detailed answers, this is the ULTIMATE guide for anyone who is serious about passing their test with high marks. We all know how stressful tests can be, but with practice and preparation, there is no reason for any pupil not to do well in their assessment. Written and created by the UK's leading recruitment experts; this comprehensive revision guide includes: A complete guide to maths - this revision book focuses specifically on the Maths section of the 11+ assessment.

Detailed example questions - this guide contains detailed example questions which show you the different types of questions you can expect, a step-by-step account on how to answer them, and top tips to consider when faced with these types of questions.

Lots of practice questions - this revision guide is packed full of testing questions for a range of Mathematical questions, in hope to better your chances during this section of the 11+ assessment. Detailed answers and explanations - not only do we provide lots of sample questions, but we also provide detailed answers and explanations to ensure you know how to reach the correct answers.Useful tips! - this guide contains top tips regarding the assessment and suggests different ideas for ways to improve your performance during the 11+ assessment. Boost your chances of scoring highly in the Maths section of the 11+ Kent Test assessment.