Inductive Reasoning Tests - Marilyn Shepherd

Inductive Reasoning Tests

By Marilyn Shepherd

  • Release Date: 2015-03-23
  • Genre: Reference


Inductive Reasoning Tests often form part of a job selection process. From administrators to managers, inductive reasoning can form a crucial part of your job selection process. The reason for their popularity in job screening processes is due to the tests allowing employers to determine the way in which you think and react to new rules and scenarios. This is a skill required in nearly all jobs. Inductive reasoning is sometimes mixed up with diagrammatic reasoning or abstract reasoning. Example inductive reasoning tests include: Identifying a pattern between objects or verbal data and determining the next step in the pattern. Put more simply, the aim is to look at images (or text) and work out the pattern. It is important to practise these pre-employment selection tests as without an understanding of the principles involved or the practise under strict timed conditions you are limiting your chances of success. This workbook provides a complete guide to taking inductive reasoning tests and consists of 100s of sample test questions and answers. Each question is also accompanied with a detailed explanation so that you understand exactly how to answer each question.