Roswell Diary - M.E. Brines

Roswell Diary

By M.E. Brines

  • Release Date: 2018-11-21
  • Genre: Religious


Stuart Mackenzie doesn't want to be a hero, just an ordinary guy with a wife and a job and a mortgage, but Destiny had other plans. A decorated hero in the Second World War, two years later Stuart is nothing but a washed up short order cook estranged from his war-bride wife. Walter, an old army buddy he hasn't seen since the war offers him a job with the newly organized Central Intelligence Agency doing the same things he was so successful at during the war. But Stuart turns him down until when his wife leaves him, he reconsiders. His first mission: investigate the crash of a flying saucer at Roswell, New Mexico, The Air Force claims it was nothing more than a simple weather balloon, but what are they trying to hide? Join Stuart as he uncovers the truth behind the rash of saucer sightings, their origin in the occult laboratories of Nazi Germany and their influence on the events of the Cold War. Humanity needs a hero. But will Stuart accept his destiny?