The Life of a Female Fighter - Michelle Smith & Ken Phillips

The Life of a Female Fighter

By Michelle Smith & Ken Phillips

  • Release Date: 2018-12-06
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


When I was approached about doing this book I wasn't so sure that I wanted to do it. But then the more I discussed things with Ken, the more I wanted to do it. Finally I got to the point where I decided it would be done! Living in South America (for now) I feel more free to share things about my life, my experiences and my feelings about it all. I am honestly not sure what I want people to 'get' from this book, but I want to share my life experiences and some amusing, fun anecdotes. I think that some women will find inspiration and some men will love reading and thinking about how I defeat the fellas. I also think that this will be enlightening for all. This book shines a light on some issues and topics that are rarely discussed.

Are you intrigued by a 5'10" 215-225-pound woman who can and loves to kick butt? Do you like reading and thinking about women defeating and dominating men? There's plenty of that here, but there's MUCH more! Inside thoughts and details that will delight readers!

After my biography there are two excerpts from Ken Phillips books. Ken and I have been in contact for over a year and he has helped me tremendously with this book. When he asked me if he could beef up my book with a few of his excerpts my answer was YES! Plus MANY sexy pics at the end! Ken's books showcase other women that kick butt!