How to Draw Cats for Kids - Adrian Sanqui & John Davidson

How to Draw Cats for Kids

By Adrian Sanqui & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2018-12-16
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Table of Contents

Introduction: Drawing Cats
Drawing Tools
Drawing Apps
Warming up
Tips for Coloring
Making a Base
Russian Blue
Himalayan Cat
Scottish Fold
Devon Rex
Persian Cat
Siamese Cat
Munchkin Cat
Author/Illustrator Bio

Introduction: Drawing Cats

This book contains several examples about drawing different kinds of cats, with each little step carefully explained so the young reader could easily follow through; from composing the figure using a combination of simple shapes, up to applying the colors. The steps are designed in a way that can be applied to either digital drawing (drawing on a tablet) or traditionally (drawing on a paper).

The drawing tutorials are designed for those with little to no drawing experience. The steps are broken down in a way that the reader could see exactly how to start, how the figure takes shape, and how to finish it. Following the process properly will help compose a well proportionate drawing with colors of different tones or shades.

The book also includes some information about the kinds of cats given as examples. This makes this book not just about how to draw them but to know and learn a bit about these adorable animals as well.