The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry - John Mark Comer

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

By John Mark Comer

  • Release Date: 2019-10-29
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 4.5
From 408 Ratings


ECPA BESTSELLER • A compelling emotional and spiritual case against hurry and in favor of a slower, simpler way of life
“As someone all too familiar with ‘hurry sickness,’ I desperately needed this book.”—Scott Harrison, New York Times best-selling author of Thirst
“Who am I becoming?”
That was the question nagging pastor and author John Mark Comer. Outwardly, he appeared successful. But inwardly, things weren’t pretty. So he turned to a trusted mentor for guidance and heard these words:
“Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life. Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life.”
It wasn’t the response he expected, but it was—and continues to be—the answer he needs. Too often we treat the symptoms of toxicity in our modern world instead of trying to pinpoint the cause. A growing number of voices are pointing at hurry, or busyness, as a root of much evil.
Within the pages of this book, you’ll find a fascinating roadmap to staying emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world.


  • Great Read!!!

    By Jdub555
    Such a great reminder of the real intentions on the Sabbath!! Praying I can apply even just a little bit of the principles discussed in this book and slowly start to eliminate the hurry.
  • I loved it!

    By Pastor John Reed
    Fantastic book! Life Changing! I will add it to my yearly summer reading list.
  • Changed my life. Period.

    By Chip Odos
    I hear about a lot of books people recommend because they are “good books” to read. I’ve read a lot of books based on recommendations that I’d enjoy a particular author/book. In the last two months, I’ve told people not to start reading this book unless they are seriously ready to hear about and make life changes in keeping with following Jesus in this broken world. This book has been, for me, far beyond a good book. It’s been a game-changing, life-altering dive into the depth of my soul, my habits, and my attitudes. Read it now. My only recommendation is to simply pray before you read it, “Lord, whatever truth is in here, let it take deep root it my soul as I seek to know and follow You. Amen.” Press on.
  • Great book

    By thezinman
    Great book. Very timely as I start 2 jobs Monday.
  • Needed!

    By Peanut in Austin
    Easy, entertaining read but full of truth and honest reflection. I’m walking away with some interesting personal challenges.
  • I’m in!

    By rebound Ruben
    Thank you for your important time! Pouring out what is so needed today. I’m in!
  • Beautiful tribute to Dallas Willard

    By C1by
    What a tribute to Dallas Willard! This is what Dallas hoped would happen in the kingdom of god. Holy Spirit through the ages invites people to enter this kingdom and this book in a contemporary way reveals more of the divine conspiracy.
  • Must read!!!!

    By Jss747
    One of the best books I’ve read and incredibly needed in this digital age of distraction.
  • I voice in the wilderness offering rest for your soul

    By AstroFanMan
    At last a book that spoke to the true desire of my heart, to slow down, experience all each moment has to offer and live in Jesus’s offer of the easy yoke. I highly recommend giving this book a read and then trying the practices it recommends and see if you find rest for your soul.
  • Excellent! Life changing

    By GigiShea
    This is a great book. I have rushed through the 51 years on this Earth. I pray that I can slow down and live in the moment; yielding my every thought, word, deed … to the Guidance of my Lord and Savior to the point that he controls every part of me as well as all that he has blessed me with.