White Lies and Secret Wishes - Cathy Bramley

White Lies and Secret Wishes

By Cathy Bramley

  • Release Date: 2019-03-21
  • Genre: Contemporary


What happens when you only make half a wish?

Strangers Jo, Sarah and Carrie find themselves unexpectedly drawn together...

Jo wishes she could get her business back on track and conquer her fear of heights. Or at least that's what she'll say when asked. A little over thirty, she has things to prove and finding love can definitely wait.

Sarah has everything she ever wanted: a beautiful baby and the perfect job. She just needs to get that promotion and then all those missed bath times will be worth it. But she can't stop to think about it for too long or she might drop something.

All Carrie wants is to look good in a bikini this summer. So she's said, every year. But it's not the only weight she's carrying, as dark secrets from her past are threatening to surface.

The three unlikely new friends set themselves a deadline to get their lives in order; juggling men, babies and bikini bottoms along the way. There's nothing to stop them from achieving their dreams - except those little white lies we all tell . . .

*Published in the UK as White Lies and Wishes*


Readers are captivated by Cathy Bramley's heartwarming stories:

'Funny and sweet and as satisfying as a homemade apple pie'
Milly Johnson

'As comforting as hot tea and toast made on the Aga!'
Veronica Henry

'A delicious tale of friendship, family and baking... I loved its warmth and charm'
Cathy Woodman

'Delightfully warm with plenty twists and turns'
Trisha Ashley