How to Save the Constitution - Paul B. Skousen

How to Save the Constitution

By Paul B. Skousen

  • Release Date: 2019-09-17
  • Genre: Political Science


Our Founding Fathers’ vision for America is under attack—and you can save it. 

America is a nation unique in the world, a government born under the radical idea of working for the people—not just for a powerful few. Our blueprint? The U.S. Constitution, a brilliant framework of common-sense rules necessary for self-governance. It works no matter which political party is in power. 

But for more than 150 years, the moral code upon which the Constitution was built has suffered neglect and decay. Millions of Americans have watched this unraveling and longed for a way to stop it. Now that way is here. Follow bestselling authors Paul B. Skousen and Cleon W. Skousen (The Naked Communist) as they guide you through the Constitution, the ways in which its core tenets are faltering, and the direct path necessary to restore them. Along the way, you’ll find review questions and memory tricks to familiarize yourself with the crucial pillars of the American republic, such as the Framers’ 28 great ideas for true liberty, the role of personal responsibility, and the basics of “People’s Law.” 

How to Save the Constitution is for those who know the United States is in trouble and want to help before it’s too late. Saving our Constitution is the greatest gift this generation could possibly give to the next. Let’s get started!

Praise for How to Save the Constitution

"It serves as an important foundation piece: a starting point providing a simple overview of the reasons, principles, importance, and ideas of a sound democratic government." —D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"I feel this work would prove an excellent resource in current governmental and political debates in universities and classrooms, particularly for its strict attention to detail in the original historical intentions of the development of policy and law for the independent United States of America."—K.C. Finn, editor, Readers' Favorite