Twice as Sexy - Carly Phillips

Twice as Sexy

By Carly Phillips

  • Release Date: 2020-01-07
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
Score: 4.5
From 605 Ratings


He’s the bad boy her mother warned her about.

The guy who makes her crave all the naughty things a good girl shouldn’t want.

Tanner Grayson is a man outrunning the demons of his past and has the rap sheet to prove it. The only thing keeping old anger in check and him on the straight and narrow are the men he calls brothers and the club he calls home. He has no business taking the sexy woman doing shots in his club upstairs to his bed.

They never should have crossed paths. But when Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Davis lays eyes on the hot as sin club owner, she decides he’s the birthday present she wants to unwrap at the end of the evening.

He tells himself it’s one night. She convinces herself she deserves a short break from her latest case. But one night isn’t enough and soon these two opposites are in deeper than they ever planned.

When Scarlett’s case collides with Tanner’s past, she sees the dangerous man he’s hidden beneath the cool veneer he presents to the world. Can she accept him for who he is? Or will she run from the bad boy who makes her feel so good?


  • Good book

    By widow21
    Well written. Keeps s you wanting to read it all now!
  • Twice As Sexy

    By DMPappas
    I always love Ms. Phillips books but this may be my favorite hero yet. I love the opposites attraction between Tanner and Scarlett. Tanner had a damaged soul and only Scarlett and his friends can help him. The relationship between the friends is a very strong component in the story as well. As always I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Swooning and Wanting More

    By Lnn20122
    Ugh these Club Twenty-Nine books have me swooning and wanting more. Love the complexity of these characters in this series and how they work through their issues. Tanner and Scarlett were no different. I was really looking forward to reading Tanner’s story. The bad boy with a dark past who found a family with his two best friends. The decisions that Scarlett has to make and how she goes about doing so made her so relatable. Carly’s books are always filled with relatable characters that are easy to love and stories that we can’t get enough of. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.
  • Terrific

    By PattiA810
    This is so, so good! It's an incredible tension filled story with charming and likable characters and a lot of sizzle. I love Tanner and how he puts himself out there with Scarlett. He knows she's special and makes himself vulnerable even though he knows Scarlett has her own issues that keeps her scared of heartbreak. A true romantic read that doesn't disappoint.
  • Too hot!!

    By Jmoms
    Wow!!! The chemistry between Scarlett and Tanner is off the charts hot! There is drama and suspense that keeps you on reading till the end!
  • Love at first sight!

    By Newberryd
    Another wonderfully written sexy and romantic love at first sight story. At first glance Tanner and Scarlett seem to be opposites, but down deep they have similar life goals. Work hard, be there for your friends, and love your family are the qualities they have in common. Tanner’s past wasn’t always good and it comes back to threaten the things he cares about most. Keeping Scarlett safe and his business with his best friends moving in the right direction are his focus. Falling in love wasn’t what either of them expected. A little absence makes the heart grow fonder and missing what you don’t have helped to bring Scarlett back to Tanner.
  • They have that instant connection!

    By Cheryl SDS
    This is book two in the Sexy series and it features Tanner and Scarlett. These two have an instant connection. When their eyes met, the attraction was overpowering. Through him, her life was in danger. Just thinking about them together brings a smile to my face. He is the big, bad tempered, muscled hunk and she’s this beautiful, sophisticated, blonde woman. Opposites in every way but compatible at the same time. I love that Jason and Landon are constantly aware of Tanner’s temper and know exactly what to do to defuse it. Their friendship is enviable! The story line was great but the climax of the suspense was a little bit disappointing. I expected a bigger show down. The romance was fantastic, as always and overshadowed any disappointing moments. I can’t wait for book 3!
  • Twice As Sexy, review by Christine Jalili

    By Bshksuhwb
    What a fantastic book, I went through so many emotions. Loved the instant heat between Tanner Grayson and Scarlett Davis. They are so hot together, but it’s supposed to be for only one night. He’s in for a shock, she’s actually an A.D.A., can she understand his past? Can he keep her safe? What will happen? I absolutely loved their happy ever after. I highly recommend this book.
  • Setting the bar

    By charlligirl
    As I am sitting here, I am having a hard time putting into words how I felt about this book. I love Tanner. Don't get me wrong, Jason and Landon are fabulous, alpha guys who I would love as my own. But there is something about Tanner that makes me want to take him home and never let him go. His life has not been easy, but he has worked hard to make himself the man he is. I really worried that Scarlett would not see the good in Tanner; that she would only see his anger. So in the beginning, I was cursing at her telling her not to be a freaking idiot. But as the story went on, she was seeing the good in him and how hard he works to control his anger and how much she needed him. What started as a one night stand turned into forever, via a fight to save Club Ten29. I loved seeing the Dares visit in the birthday party scene. It is always a joy when they visit. I can't wait to read Landon's story. I'm trying to figure out what kind of woman it is going to take to tame him and make him want to settle down. He's carrying a lot of grief and demons with him, so she will need to be someone special. This series has been one of my favorite by Carly Phillips. It ranks up there with the Dares and that says a lot. It is really hard to match the storylines and emotions from that series, but this one is definitely contending and this book actually set a new bar.
  • WOW!

    By Evergreenbrdx
    Scarlett dedicating to her job and no time for fun wanted a fun night celebrating her birthday. Meeting Tanner was not in her plans. Tanner never planned to meet someone and open himself up again. Scarlett was that someone. Now to convince her he is worth the effort and time to se where this thing will go. Add in some trouble and WOW fabulous book! Can’t wait for next books.