"F" is for Fred

By Rebecca Cantrell & Sean Black

  • Release Date: 2019-06-27
  • Genre: Cozy


After a caviar-related disaster, Sofia Salgado races to prevent the assassination of Maloney Investigations' greatest celebrity—Fred the seagull.

When Sofia returns from vacation, she discovers that her "pet" seagull, Fred, has become her greatest enemy: the paparazzi. Her former agent has dressed him with a tiny camera and created a wildly successful YouTube channel using his footage. To ensure his loyalty, her agent has been bribing Fred with caviar, feeding into his addiction and stoking a fire within his tiny bird heart that can only be quenched by more caviar. So he starts hitting luxurious parties.

And that's where it all goes south.

Fred crashes a party for caviar but ends up filming nefarious activities. When the disgruntled host uses bullets to defend his secrets, Sofia must find the bird before the host gets another chance to finish the job. Weighing her down is her insufferable fellow detective, Aidan Maloney, and her kindergartener bodyguard, Violet.

Can Sofia lead this crew to Fred before it's too late?