Jobe A Tale of Victorian Liverpool - John Thompson

Jobe A Tale of Victorian Liverpool

By John Thompson

  • Release Date: 2019-07-19
  • Genre: Historical Fiction


Unwilling to scab on the docks of Hull a battered and bruised Jobe returns to Liverpool with revenge in his heart. Unaware, that his grandmother’s war of attrition against him continues and she intends to win – whatever the cost.
Jobe is reunited with his boyhood gang, relying on their help to settle old scores and overcome enemies, both seen and unseen.
His vow of revenge is forgotten, as the plight of those struggling to survive within the slums, courts and confusion of black roofed tenements become his first cause for concern.
His crusade is cut short when its futility is brought to light by a succession of devastating tragedies.
Embittered by the injustice that surrounds him Jobe remembers his vow of revenge, swearing to visit it on those he holds responsible for his years of struggle, he embarks on a journey the consequences of which will reverberate on both sides of the Mersey.
The highly anticipated sequel to Jobe The Beginning of a Liverpool Legend combines history and adventure to tell a truly epic story of love and hate, bravery and betrayal.