Taekwondo Preschool Master Edition - Jackie Lau

Taekwondo Preschool Master Edition

By Jackie Lau

  • Release Date: 2019-07-21
  • Genre: Martial Arts & Self Defense


Taekwondo Preschool Master Edition provides in-depth information on the explosive and powerful techniques of taekwondo.  There are tons of illustrations and interactive content within the guidebook with over 1500+ pages.  The Master Edition combines the other books in one complete book with even more.  There will be regular ongoing updates.  Are you prepared to learn the Korean Martial Arts Taekwondo!

• Taekwondo Stances ( 서기 sogi )
• Taekwondo Blocking ( 막기 makgi )
• Taekwondo Kicking ( 차기 chagi )
• Taekwondo Fist Strikes ( 지르기 jireugi )
• Taekwondo Strikes ( 치기 chigi )