Bearded Dragon Care: The Ultimate Guide for Proper Care of Your Pet Lizard - Matthew Nygard

Bearded Dragon Care: The Ultimate Guide for Proper Care of Your Pet Lizard

By Matthew Nygard

  • Release Date: 2019-08-17
  • Genre: Pets
Score: 4
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How to Care for Your Bearded Dragon

This comprehensive Bearded Dragon book is written by an experienced long-time owner of Bearded Dragons and is designed for those who want to own or already own a Bearded Dragon pet.

What Others Are Saying About This Book...

"This is an easy to read, in-depth, and right on point guild on how to care for beardies. I just got a bearded dragon, and purchased a number of books on how to take care of it. However, this book taught me the PROPER way of raising my new pet. This book should be THE MANUAL if you want your pet dragon to live a healthy and long life." ~ Adam R.

"Very informative. I'm new at being a bearded dragon Mommy and this book answered so many of my questions :)" ~ Heather N Adkins

"... I'm a first time bd owner. I needed as much knowledge as I could collect. I am very impressed with this book." ~ Dawn M. Peets

This type of reptile has specific needs to remain healthy and happy. The information covers numerous topics including:
Proper care and handlingBearded dragon food and dietHydration tipsBearded dragon habitat, cage or terrariumBearded dragon suppliesHeating and lighting requirementsUnderstanding bearded dragon behavior
If you adhere to the recommendations in this Bearded Dragon manual, you will keep your Bearded Dragon healthy and find great enjoyment in owning and interacting with your pet for years to come.

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    By 4ry674 cb*d#
    Great book and big help