But Why is Mommy in Jail? - Erika Ruiz

But Why is Mommy in Jail?

By Erika Ruiz

  • Release Date: 2019-08-22
  • Genre: Family & Relationships


Every single day a child suffers from having a mother, father or loved one taken away by the system, a few really take the time to think about what the child is going through and how it will affect them long-term. During these rough times, we need to talk about the programs and support that are available. We should bring awareness to Children, letting them know that crime is something that Society deals with in Clumsy ways. Some innocent loved ones are jailed; others are unjustly punished for their crimes; others are kept incarcerated long after they are rehabilitated. These are real issues that do happen in life, and talking about them will creep positive change, preventing negative views on law enforcement and of the incarcerated loved one. It is so important to explain to the children that anyone can make a mistake, and some mistakes have serious consequences, but that working together to heal those mistakes can make things right. Children need to be taught that a parents mistakes or those of someone they love don't necessarily make them bad. And unfortunately, incarceration can happen to any family anytime.