The Summer Deal - Jill Shalvis

The Summer Deal

By Jill Shalvis

  • Release Date: 2020-06-02
  • Genre: Romantic Comedies
Score: 4.5
From 275 Ratings


From New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis comes a friends-to-frenemies-to-lovers story… Add in a few secrets. Shake. Stir. Then read on a lazy summer day at the beach…

Brynn Turner desperately wishes she had it together, but her personal life is like a ping-pong match that’s left her scared and hurt after so many attempts to get it right. In search of a place to lick her wounds and get a fresh start, she heads back home to Wildstone.

And then there’s Kinsey Davis, who after battling serious health issues her entire twenty-nine years of life, is tired of hoping for . . . well, anything. She's fierce, tough, and she’s keeping more than one bombshell of a secret from Brynn -- her long-time frenemy.

But then Brynn runs into Kinsey's best friend, Eli, renewing her childhood crush. The good news: he’s still easy-going and funny and sexy as hell. The bad news: when he gets her to agree to a summer-time deal to trust him to do right by her, no matter what, she never dreams it’ll result in finding a piece of herself she didn’t even know was missing. She could have real connections, possibly love, and a future—if she can only learn to let go of the past.

As the long days of summer wind down, the three of them must discover if forgiveness is enough to grasp the unconditional love that’s right in front of them.


  • Funny, entertaining, emotional emotional!! Great read!!

    By Book Lover 1967
    This is another book in the Wildstone series & it was another amazing book!! It centers on Brynn, Eli, Kinsey & Max, along with Deck, Kinsey’s boyfriend. Eli & Max are brothers & Kinsey is like a sister to them and they are each other’s family. Brynn knows Eli & Kinsey from summer camp. Brynn moves in with them when she comes back to Wildstone after a bad breakup. The book shows that they work through their issues & build better, stronger relationships with each other to become better people. It would of been nice to have more of Deck in the story line but Kinsey & him get their HEA along with Brynn & Eli. I didn’t especially like Kinsey despite her health issues that no person should have to go through but she did redeem herself in the end. Love Jill Shalvis & loved this book!! I highly recommend this book & all of Jill’s books!!
  • Perfect summer read!

    By KLowe1985
    Ms. Shalvis has another Wildstone hit in her hands! Kinsey has health issues and she won’t let her best friend Eli help her. But Eli and Kinsey frenemy from long ago summer camp, Brynn. Brynn and Eli end up at the same candy machine at the local hospital and their history comes back to them. I LOVE the way Ms. Shalvis chooses to tackle “big” topics in this novel - from life changing health issues to same sex parents and does it so seamlessly, she writes the stories that come to her and that’s what matters. I am not a huge fan of novels that have an intro such as flashbacks or journal entries as was present in this novel but they do add a lot to the novel but are just a style issue I do not prefer. I sped through The Summer Deal and it warmed my heart the whole time. You will no doubt love this novel!
  • Sky raisins

    By Coast2coast2coast
    A fun summer story that is filled with fun, family and sky raisins! Eli, Kinsey and Brynn used to spend summers together when they were kids. See what happens to them when grow up! Summers will never be the same! Welcome to Wildstone! Where best friends El and Kinsey have been friends for life. Eli and Brynn shared a magical moment one summer and haven’t seen each other since. There are laughs, drama and all the feels that you expect from a Shalvis novel. Come back to Wildstone, or chose this as a first read! You won’t be disappointed.
  • Roller coaster of a story

    By Xiaguan2014
    Kins is a hot mess! Deke is amazing! As is Toby ;) Eli is a sweetheart who wears his heart on his sleeve without knowing it. Max is a human puppy And Brynn is human. Great story about love, friendship, relationships and forgiveness.
  • The Right Choice

    By Evergreenbrdx
    Brynn Turner was tired of always making the wrong choice. Coming home after her latest disaster relationship little did she know she would be gaining so much more. Kinsley Davis refused to let anyone close. Letting someone in is not happening. I loved how these two found each other and found happiness! Such a perfect ending!!!
  • What a different type of story – I’m obsessed!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    What a different type of story – I’m obsessed! At first I was a little confused because the story was told in two different points of views that weren’t both ends of a romance. This book really focuses on two half-sisters where one of them doesn’t know they’re related. They’ve grown up together and really grew up as rivals, and while Kinsey has known due to her health, Brynn has no idea. After Brynn returns to town after a bad breakup, she’s unsure what to do next with her life or how to get back on track. She runs into her childhood crush, who just so happens to be Kinsey’s best friend Eli, and he invites her to rent a room at his place, and thus sparks the change of both Brynn and Kinsey’s lives. As Brynn gets to know Kinsey as an adult, and more secrets come out – until the finally all come out and shock everyone, we wait to find out if the sisters will come together or continue to be at odds. In addition, we get to see Brynn and Eli finally come clean with their childhood feelings, and act on the undeniable chemistry they have as adults. This book was different to read and experience, but I absolutely loved every aspect of it and couldn’t get enough! I will definitely be going back and reading the previous books in the series! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Emotinal Journey to a HEA

    By threers
    Wildstone is a small town overflowing with drama. With every book I know I will get lots and lots of drama but I will also get a happily ever after. The Summer Deal dealt out a lot of drama. A house full of misfits are intertwined through their pasts and daily struggles. When they add another roommate the walls come crumbling down as the characters deal with the emotions of living, dying, sacrifice, and love. The Summer Deal is an emotional roller coaster about two couples. Most romances center around one couple. I really enjoyed cheering on two couples. Deck and Kinsey have been in a thing for awhile but her walls won't let her move forward. Brynn has returned to Wildstone after a nasty breakup. Her Life needs to move forward, but can't. A panic attack brings Brynn to the ER. A false call has Kinsey at the OR with Eli, her BFF, by her side. Frustrations puts him and Brynn together where he has always wanted them. Past, present and future intertwine. Their moving forward had me in tears. Their misdirections had me screaming. Their resolutions had me dancing in the sun. The Summer Deal brought light to a dark day. The epilogue made the journey worthwhile.
  • Amazing Summer!

    By Groomsmom
    As always, Jill Shalvis provides a very entertaining story filled with quirky characters, romance and family. Brynn Turner is returning to her home town of Wildstone, California. Not only is she returning jobless and heartbroken, but her Moms, Olive and Raina had warned her that Ashton, her ex was not right for her from the beginning. Despite that Brynn knows her moms will always accept her with open arms. Running into a former camp mate, Eli Thomas who she had a crush on years ago, is quite a surprise. He and Kinsey Davis were good friends and Kinsey made Brynn’s life miserable. The letters from camp, both Brynn’s and Kinsey’s are hysterical, and totally explain their relationship. But that was years ago. Now Eli invites her to rent a room in his beach house so she can start working on her next phase of life. There are so many fascinating sub plots in this book. Kinsey has kidney disease and her transplant from years ago is failing. She and Brynn are connected much more deeply than first presented. Kinsey is afraid to believe she can have a life, and treats the man who loves her terribly. I loved the relationship Brynn had with her Moms, Raina the beautiful soft hearted woman with flowy clothes and lots of bangles. Olive, the practical, always dressed perfectly, serious minded one. Opposites definitely attract for them. A beautiful story, with laughs, and a deeper story running underneath. I recommend it highly. Pat Fordyce
  • Families!

    By 12toot
    I really enjoyed this book even though the some of the characters can be a little bit more on the unlovable side with good intentions. It’s about families of all kinds, by blood or bonding of friends. About being accepted for who you are, not who you should be. Some of the relationships might have progressed faster than expected but Ms Shalvis has a way with building the relationships with snappy dialogue and a look at their past. Especially Brynn and Kinsey’s past relationship. Also, who wouldn’t love to have Brynn’s moms in their life, smothering but caring and including everyone. Definitely a keeper!
  • Great read

    By tree7404
    Jill Shalvis did not disappoint with the angst and feels in this great book. I am now going to go read some more books from her especially from the wildstone. Kinsey and Brynns story was cant put down. Then you throw in the love of Deck and Eli. I may have to read all from Jill Shalvis.