Feelings & Rhymes Through Treacherous Times - Bill White

Feelings & Rhymes Through Treacherous Times

By Bill White

  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


Life is hard when you're struggling with emotional or mental distress. Maybe it's the occasional unpleasant reaction to life's stressors. Perhaps a disorder is at play. Feeling alone, tired, hurt, and desperate - yeah, it's hard. Is it you? If so, more than anything, you need connection, diversion, perspective, and encouragement. Bottom-line: relief.

Feelings & Rhymes Through Treacherous Times brings it. Bill delivers poetry and commentary written along his decades-long emotional and mental distress experience and recovery journey. The mission of the book is simple: Bill wants you to connect with his writing so you can gain a sense of positive perspective and relief regarding your own suffering. Light and meaningful reading that you can turn to time and again. Let his treacherous times help you through yours.