Magica: The Healing of Faith & Love - Erika Ruiz

Magica: The Healing of Faith & Love

By Erika Ruiz

  • Release Date: 2019-11-01
  • Genre: Action & Adventure


MAGICA "The Healing Of Faith & Love" is a story of a girl named Magica who felt as though no one in the world loved her. Her mother  never praised or gave her any positive words that encouraged her. Feelings beaten down, she seeks out the comfort of a chapel. There she prays to take the pain away from her heart.
The sanctuary provides her comfort enough that she found herself asleep. As she awoke, she felt an immediate change in her body and attitude. An angel appeared before her and informed her she had been gifted with healing miracles to take away the hurt and pains of the world.
How will these new talents change Magica's life? Will she see the world with a whole new perspective? One filled with love and fulfillment