Recipe for Survival - Nicholas Hyde

Recipe for Survival

By Nicholas Hyde

  • Release Date: 2019-11-12
  • Genre: Lifestyle & Home


The ability to provide your own food may be a lost skill in modern society, but it doesn't have to be lost on you. Some folks believe we are nearing the days when this knowledge will once again become necessary for survival. Even if that doesn't happen, most will agree that becoming food self-sufficient is one heck of a fun project.

Be forewarned, however, that there's more to food self-sufficiency than raising a few chickens and doing a little vegetable gardening – much more, in fact. Not to worry; we got you covered. Nicholas Hyde's latest book will properly equip you to become a healthy and productive homesteader, one who melds with nature and delights in using all four seasons to their advantage. There is no reason you can't always have meat, starch, and/or fresh produce of some type on your table, no matter how far off the grid you happen to live. To say nothing of your plentiful reserve supply of home-canned and dried foods.

What about salt, sugar, vinegar, and oil? Have you ever thought about how and where you can naturally harvest those necessities? How will you make flour, bread, and pasta? Do you know which types of grains are best for mini-farming in your climate? How can you be certain you will have enough vitamin C and complex carbohydrates? We will cover all these issues, and many more. Soon you will be making your own hunting equipment, catching fish unattended, and snaring small game using cordage you made yourself from the fibers of common plants.

Glance at the 25 chapter titles and decide for yourself if you can live without the information in this comprehensive, 32,000+ word survival guide. Recipe for Survival has been professionally edited and specially formatted for all devices, so we can promise a smooth and enjoyable electronic reading experience complete with a clickable table of contents. Pick up this invaluable resource today and always know where you next meal is coming from.