The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries Series Box Set: Books 1-3 - Emerald O'Brien

The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries Series Box Set: Books 1-3

By Emerald O'Brien

  • Release Date: 2019-12-05
  • Genre: Police Procedural


Over a quarter of a million copies of The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries series by Emerald O'Brien downloaded to date! Join Detective Grace Sheppard and reporter, Madigan Knox, in the first three novels of this unpredictable series readers are calling "...a beautiful, harrowing tale." "...with more twists than a red vine!"

Set with over 1000 pages includes:

Book 1: The Girls across the Bay

A sample and link to Book 1.5: Wrong Angle, a novella

Book 2: The Secrets They Keep

Book 3: The Lies You Told

About The Girls across the Bay

A bond stronger than blood. A connection that could end it all.

When a woman is killed in their small town, reporter Madigan covers the crime while her detective sister, Grace, investigates. But as they discover a dark personal tie to the victim, the pair must confront secrets buried in their past.
With old wounds ripped open, threatening their bond, the sisters must rely on each other more than ever before to survive.

About Wrong Angle

Co-written by Emerald O'Brien and Jade Eby, exclusive to their newsletter subscribers, featuring Madigan Knox of The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries series.

People don't just disappear.
But there's no other explanation for what happened to Angela Cole.

After news spreads like wildfire about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the events of that stormy winter night, Madigan Knox recognizes the face of the missing woman on TV as someone from her past. Someone she might be able to help.
Ames Soriano's persistent hunt for a serial killer leads her to South Bend, where the recent disappearance of Angela Cole parallels that of The Winter Killer's victims.
In a town where outsiders are unwelcome and with no one person eager to find the missing woman, Ames and Madigan begin a hunt for the truth and for a potential murderer with the opportunity to strike again.

About The Secrets They Keep

They vowed to love each other forever…
When a dead body is discovered outside the Tall Pines reception hall, Detective Grace Sheppard is called to the scene. Searching for the truth among deceitful suspects and within herself, Grace struggles when her professional relationship becomes muddled with attraction.
They swore nothing would come between them…
As Grace races to find a killer, a personal vendetta is formed when her sister, Madigan Knox, becomes obsessed with a traumatic event from her past. Madigan's hunt leads her closer to the truth than she has ever been and further away from the person who loves her the most.
Both sisters are willing to find their culprits at any cost, but will the price of secrets and revenge be their demise?

About The Lies You Told

A debt owed. A woman missing.
During their traumatic childhood, Madigan Knox and Detective Grace Sheppard were rescued from their abusive foster home by Officer Tina Morelli. When Morelli goes missing, Madigan and Grace connect with her daughter, eager to help in any way possible.
As the suspect list grows, the detective on the case warns them to stay out of the investigation, but Morelli's daughter is convinced she knows who left the bruise she found on her mother's arm the day she disappeared. Madigan and Grace can't help but follow the leads.