Simplified iPhone 11 Pro Max Manual - Curtis Parkway

Simplified iPhone 11 Pro Max Manual

By Curtis Parkway

  • Release Date: 2019-12-06
  • Genre: Digital Media


Introducing the iPhone 11 Pro Max - A revolutionary three-camera system phone that brings loads of potentials without complexity.

Did you just received or purchased the new iPhone 11 Pro Max? Beautiful, isn't it? Innovative camera! Faster Output! Better and longer battery life! There's a lot to be thrilled about.

In this book, you'll find easy peasy steps to set up your new device as well as how to navigate it to become an expert user.

A preview of the topics covered inside include:
Section 1: The Basics How to Power off How to Turn on or off Auto-Brightness How to Change Date and Time
Section 2: Phone Numbers/Calls/Voice How to Automatically Answer Phone Calls How to Block a Number and Silence Unknown Callers How to Block Private Calls or Calls from Unknown Numbers
Section 3: Text Messages How to Block Text Messages on iPhone How to Delete Messages How to Deactivate Auto-Capitalization
Section 4: Camera How to Use iPhone Camera Timer How to Use Your iPhone Camera as a Magnifying Glass How to Scan Documents
Section 5: Emails How to Block Emails How to Screen Your Emails to View Unread Messages Only
Get this book to enjoy: Sharp snapshots Supreme video quality Outstanding battery life An operating system that's very easy to use and Great memory space on your iPhone 11 Pro Max
What else can you get out of a smartphone? What are you still waiting for? Get your copy NOW!