But Why The Potty? - Erika Ruiz

But Why The Potty?

By Erika Ruiz

  • Release Date: 2019-12-12
  • Genre: Family & Relationships in Kids Fiction


At some point in life is you get to face your fears. 3 year old Leo and Leila are twins that get to face the challenge of using toilet. The two enjoy exploring lives many adventures together. Their greatest challenge involves using the potty correctly. Leila has no problem knowing what to do when her tummy starts to rumble. Leo is not so quick to learn this skill. He feels as though the potty is a bottomless hole waiting to swallow him. With preschool starting, will Leo be able to conquer his fear of using the toilet? Will his family support and encourage him enough to get him past his fear? In this amazing story, parents will learn strategies on encouraging the child how to be successful at potty training. They will discover how to cope with the process of learning something new both the parents and the child.