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  • Cute, quick read

    By Jeffena James
    I like the way this book explores the issues that Clara and Josh faced and how they came together despite all that. The plot kept me locked in enough such that I think I read this book in 4 days. They are such a cute, nontoxic ship, and they are so soft for each other. And the sex scenes were okay. Though…this book is not a particularly complex read that challenges your inner thoughts or anything. (Note: the part where they do FINALLY have PIV sex was kinda underwhelming) And it is true that the ending felt anticlimactic. Very cutesy though. A cute chance encounter that changed their lives forever.💗
  • Smart

    By kdsreads
    Absolutely fabulous and so dang smart. Romance is crushing the patriarchy one story at a time.
  • Slow but good

    By Jenniferv0806
    I Liked the book but almost put it down from how slow it builds but I’m glad I kept reading it because I couldn’t put it down towards the end.
  • A New Perspective

    By RockNRazorz
    As a 26 year-old avid reader of spicy books, I found this title to be both surprisingly sexy and brainy. Most books in this genre tend to lack plot, and overflow with sexual innuendo. Where as, this one has a pleasant balance, even with one of its sole focuses being that of an adult performer. It amped up the anticipation to make the metaphorical and physical climax of the story really pack a punch. This was an excellent read!
  • I wanted to love it but it fell short

    By Kendiiscoo
    Was it readable? Yes. Steamy? Absolutely, but something lacked in the overall writing. I liked the characters but the plot wasn’t as developed as I wanted and the ending felt anticlimactic. Again, totally readable, but not worthy of 5 stars.
  • Love it

    By kitty.yaz
    I loved this so much!
  • Amazing.

    By cdreadin
    Just read it.
  • Good Book

    By emily thetge
    This is such a cute book and I really liked the characters!!
  • Definitely worth a read!

    By TayEast
    This is definitely a sex positive book which I think is nice. The chemistry between Josh and Clara is great. Sometimes Clara can be annoying but she definitely grew on me. The spicy scenes are written great a lot of teasing except for when they finally do the do that was a little underwhelming and the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars.
  • cute rom-com

    By merrrrrcat
    i did enjoy reading this book! i love the sex positivity, the banter between clara & josh, their sexual tensssssion. however i wish there would have been more detail & descriptions in like 70% of the scenes. i felt like i didn’t even know what clara looked like for a quarter of the book. i did enjoy naomis character and it intrigues me to read the next book in the series.